...of playing catch up

I have some catching up to do.

A couple of days ago, my friends at Beautiful Days passed along two awards to me. Thank you so much. I hope that my delay in posting it did not convey a lack of appreciation. I do apologize and ask you to forgive me please.

Also, a friend of ours has produced her first CD! It's called, "From The Ashes." It's great! As soon as I figure out how to add my favorite pick from the CD, I will be adding it to my play list. Go over to Willow Layne's site and check out that voice that I miss so much! We met while in Japan. She and her family came there as missionaries.

Lastly, Anton will be testing in March for the rank of Master Sergeant. There are some distractions in our lives right now and I've noticed that he is not studying as often as he had for his last two promotions. I am soliciting prayers for his mind to be clear of these distractions so that he may study more efficiently and pass the test and board. One distraction in particular in your prayers is for me; I am not being his helper right now as I should be.


  1. Congratulations on the award Larie! You certainly deserve them.

    Give a shout out to your husband for his service to our nation. I applaud him. Will pray for clarity of mind and lifting you up too.

  2. Congratulations on your awards! And I do pray God will bless your husband with clarity (and also favor). I pray God gives all of us wives wisdom and strength to help our husbands.



Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!