...of courage

I just realized that encourage, has the word courage in it. This morning, in my prayer journal, (paraphrasing), I entered that I utilize the courage that God has given me to speak up for my husband when I'm in a situation where someone is not speaking properly of him and/or when others are bashing their husbands.
Well, hours later, I come to bloggy-world and find that the majority of those I follow, topics are about positively speaking of husbands! I thought, "Wow, this is such an enCouragement in response to my prayer this morning! WOW, God, You are awesome!!!" Then it hit me, "Whoa, enCourage has courage in it! This is too funny Lord! You have enCouraged me using my Sisters by having them show me their courage in the exact same area I had just talked to You about!!! This is so not real, WOW!"
I realize that this is my first opportunity to utilize that courage. How great of God to not just "throw me out there" right away. He has provided a safe place of enCouragement for me to begin. Thanks so much God. You just keep being very merciful to me and I so do not deserve it, thank You for caring about me.
At the Well, we are encouraged to publicly thank God for our husbands:
-Lord God, thank You for making me Anton's help meet. He really is an awesome husband.
-I am thankful that Anton expresses agape love for me.
-Thank You Lord for his sincere desire to be the man You created him to be, he does not run from responsibility.
-I am also thankful that Anton is not ashamed to confess his wrongs and ask for forgiveness, he is honest with me.
-Anton's quest to be like You Father also gets my thanks, he is a wonderful example of a person living for You, Lord God, and I am thankful.
-Our children express no concern for their security because of Anton, thank You Lord.
-Most of all, I thank You God that Anton boldly professes that he is Your creation.
-Lord, I am thankful that Anton is genuinely concerned about my and our children's spiritual path. He prays with and for us Lord and talks with us about Your word, praise God!
In Christs' name, Amen.


  1. Amen, Larie. God is always on time with exactly what we need. Sweet Jesus!

  2. Anton is one blessed man. I'm so glad to have met you on blogger.

  3. You are truly a special lady. God bless you! I left a little thanks to you on my blog today. Again, I thank you so very much for you kindness!


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!