...of a mother's heartache & the first gift

I had to watch our oldest daughter cry as she hugged her "bestest friend" tonight. She told her that she didn't want her to go and she was going to miss her. Her family is moving out of state tomorrow.

I too am sad, in the 17 months that we've been here, our families have bonded. Being in the military and trying to build relationships is hard because of the constant moving. However, since we began serving in the Lord's army, it has not been so bad. It hurt to see "Evelyn" have to do this again, well, it hurt that she had to do it again so soon. These girls ride the same bus to school, worship together, are in the same Sunday morning and Wednesday evening Bible classes, and have had sleepovers.

We WILL see them again.

Now, today's gift is the book titled, 'Created To Be His Help Meet by Debi Pearl' of No Greater Joy Ministries. I am currently reading this book for the 5th time! Each time I read it, I see something that I did not see the last time and think, "Oh! That's what I did wrong. Man, I'm glad I read this again."

And the recipient is...

... BETH in NC over at, I'm heading towards my destiny. One step at a time! Thank you so much Beth for encouraging me with your blog, corresponding with me via e-mail, the interest you express in this blog and the comments you have spurred me on with. I do love you Beth and hope you enjoy the book.



  1. It is always sad when good friends leaves. I hope she is ok.

    Looks like an interesting book:)


  2. Larie, I've read that book,too! It's a great book! What a wonderful thing your'e doing for others!

    Give Eyanna a special hug from her Grammy Vonnie. I understand how she feels. I had to leave my "bestest" friend many times as a child.


  3. I remember being in the Navy and having to say goodbye over and over again. It never seemed to get easier, but you're right...we will see them again. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Saying good-bye stinks. Even when you know it's only temporary. But we're blessed when there is someone to hold us while we cry.

  5. Larie! I am so blessed! Thank you SO MUCH for being so generous!!! I can hardly wait to read the book, though I almost fear what I will find out about myself! I'm sure it will give me some great blogging fodder! Oh my!

    God's richest blessings to you (and I pray your sweet daughter will have another heart-friend to help heal the pain from her loss)!



Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!