...of grocery shopping

I don’t get it. Sometimes when the kids and I are out shopping, people have commented, “Oh, you’re brave!” or “It looks like you’ve got your hands full,” to which I replied, “Not more than the LORD wants them to be.” Yeah, I got an awkward look from that commenter. There have been a few more but I’ll stop with this last one, “My, it looks like you’re busy!”

I know that they are referring to my shopping with three children, but I don’t understand why it’s thought to be an issue. Why is bravery needed to go shopping…with children? How could my hands be full when two of them are in the cart and the other one is picking out apples while I get the grapes? Was my playful racing through the aisles misinterpreted as busyness; sorry, I was making the shopping fun for my “crew.”

Now, no one makes these types of comments when Anton is with us…buuut they should! He’s the one I want to leave at home while I do the shopping. Bravery is in full blast for me each time, (for the man I that I’ve said yes to and committed the rest of my natural-born life to, NO -MATTER - WHAT!), he “takes us shopping” because he always gets “lost.” Frantically, I speed-walk to the end of every aisle, with the items I picked up to place in the cart only to turn around and see that there is no cart, no Anton, and no kids, looking for him. I go back to the originating aisle, but nope, not there. I wonder if customer service will take me seriously if I report a “lost husband.” Really, especially since I took note of what he was wearing just for this reason! Finally, I decide to just stop and stand in one place.

No one says to me now, “It looks like you’ve got your hands full,” when in fact at this moment I do, literally! AAAAAHHHHHH!!! A bunch of minutes later, Anton, with his cheery smile, stops the cart in front of me and says, “Hey! We were looking for you!” One time, he really, I mean really, said to me, “Where you been?” However, my favorite one is, “Ha-ha, there you are! We found you!” I admit, that it is cute seeing him pointing at me with his back inverted because of sheer delight, so, I laugh and think, “Found me eh? I knew where I was and where ya’ll were supposed to be all along, SWEETIE!” Funny-funny, ha-ha…

Now I’m busy; trying to keep up with Anton, coupons, the list and the extra items that the kids, no, I mean Anton, has put into the cart! I chase him to aisle # 7, the snack aisle, because he wants to pick them out, claiming, “’Cuz you be pickin’ out da whack-snacks!” Surrendered, I yell, (because he’s already two aisles ahead of me), “Okay, Love-Bug, whatever. Don’t get nuthin’ only you gon’ eat!" To our oldest I yell, "Help daddy!” Now she's giggling and running behind Anton saying, “Daddy, Daddy, wait for me!” However, no one comments, “My, it looks like you’re busy!” DUDE! Really?

Disclaimer: Larie does not endorse her husband being referred to as a “Bumbling-Butt.” Nor is it her intent to introduce him in that manner. She is just telling a funny, but true account of their family’s shopping escapades. The following statement is from Larie, verbatim:

“I am appreciative that Anton goes shopping with us. It’s actually very fun and provides us another cherished opportunity to spend time together. Factually, Anton is better at this than I am. He spots the savings by calculating the unit price. This act is a grand display of his being a good steward of God’s blessings. Anton has lovingly and patiently attempted to teach me his craft. He is in no way embarrassed by this sharing; I respect my husband. I am grateful that I do not have to beg and barter with him to go, but still, you’d think that he would be chasing me to ensure that I stay away from the “ribs!” LOL

“Then the LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him’…” Genesis 2:18-22 NASB



  1. Oh how funny. Yeah...I don't let my husband near grocery stores either...and as for shopping with 3 kids...I get that too. I have now left the teen at home...he is just TOO expensive to bring. Gotta love it. Blessings...what a great post to start to day. Have a great weekend.

  2. LOL!!! Love this!

    I love when my hubby comes with me, he is much better at grocery shopping then me!

  3. Hey, I want to meet Anton! Sounds like my kind of guy!! WB

  4. I came here to thank you for being a blessing to me for your comment At the Well today and ended up being totally blessed by you. You have a beautiful blog and I loved your recounting of your grocery store trip! Too funny! I might be one of the ones who have said, "Boy, you have your hands full!" because I simply cannot imagine it. I'm sure it comes naturally to Mother's, and did to mine when she carted all three of us grocery shopping, however, only having one bonus daughter(who was 6 when we married) I have to say that I admire a woman who sees her children as blessings and not a bother when she's shopping with them. What a true example of the Proverbs 31 woman you are. You are clothed with strength and dignity and I love the laughter in your post regarding your husband. Mine gets lost in Wowmart all the time. I can send him to another aisle for something and he comes back 30 minutes laden with food for a year. It's too funny! Loved your disclaimer: I saw total respect for your husband here. Very admirable! I will definitely be back to read more of your blog, and I wanted to say that your family is beautiful! Blessings, Laurie Ann

  5. LOVE IT! I get this all the time with my two year old twins! I just smile and say yep, God blessed me abundantly! :)

  6. I've been away from my blog reading for a couple weeks, while my kids were home visiting us. So, I'm just reading this now.

    This is so funny...and you only have 3 kids. Imagine the looks and comments we got with 8 kids. It was years before I realized that when people asked me if they were all mine, that they weren't thinking it was a daycare group. I was very offended when I learned they thought we were divorced and re-married.

    I love the description of your husband shopping with you. Mine shops with me, and we always buy more than when I'm alone. *smile* ...but I like the time together, too.


  7. How funny! I totally enjoyed reading about your shopping escapades. Honestly it sounds like great fun. The stuff families should be made of.


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