...of growing up

When the phone rang last night, I was not expecting to hear, “Can I speak to 'Evelyn'?” My response was delayed, but I asked who was calling. The voice on the other end told me her name, I giggled and called my little big girl to the phone.

As I handed her the phone, she had a questionable smirk on her face and she then said, “Hello?” I went to the bedroom to wake Anton up and told him what just happened. He laughed and said, “That’s your daughter!”

You know, I’m not upset that she is getting phone calls, I am in, “ my little-girl is becoming a big-girl disbelief.” She got her ears pierced two weeks ago. She’s been putting her hair in a ponytail by herself a couple of times last and this week because I put two-strand twists in it and it’s easy for her to manage. She received her first yearbook today and now, she’s getting phone calls!



  1. My sister, I can relate. It was like yesterday my kids were just learning how to ride a bike and now here they are, daughter 16, son, 13 and I'm like, whoa horsey. When school starts back, my daughter will be a junior and this will be my son's last year of middle school. What in the world happened while I was sleeping! It doesn't take long.

  2. I'm not handling this 'growing up' thing very well at all. Sniff, sniff...

  3. And she's going to keep on growing.
    My little girl JUST walked in the door - her last day of school this year, which means she is now an eighth grader!
    Just enjoy her, Larie. Enjoy her!

  4. wow phone calls huh....Danaisha is almost ten and she has never had a phone call short of grand parents calling. I am not ready for that but I guess I better get ready huh...LOL...sniff sniff. My yannis is growing up...I miss ya'll.

  5. awwwww, that's too cute. LOL!


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