...of When will you, Larie, learn? part 2

to purchase some household items, with a totally different budget. We only needed soap, toilet tissue and paper towels. I grabbed some cash and we headed out. Once the kids and I were done household shopping, it was time for dinner. Now, I did not grab any of my “pocket stash,” although I knew that I would not feel much like cooking after putting groceries away, washing fruit and veggies, and preparing lunch, but hey, there was money leftover from household shopping so I used that. The two older kids expressed that they wanted Wendy’s, which is fine because it’s cheap and I like it as well.

We ordered one combo, (we share the fries & drink) and two cheeseburgers with no “peekles,” (tee-hee), total came to $7.47. Cool. We had eight dollars and some change. Then I realized that I’d forgotten to get "Janelle" something. So I apologized to the cashier and told him that I forgot to order a five piece nugget. Just as I began counting out, (the remaining amount I had was in change) six quarters along with some other coins and waiting for the cashier to tell me the exact total, he says, “It’s cool. Don’t worry about it.” Looking up, I asked, “For real?” He simply nodded for me to move on!

Appreciative, but not understanding why he would do such a thing, I moved on with a bowed head and tucked tail, AGAIN! I continued to wonder, “Why?” and what was going on. Was I missing something? Am I making too much out of it? Should I just shut up and move on? We made it through dinner but on the way home…


  1. God was showing His love and mercy through strangers! Isn't He wonderful?

  2. Wow, the favor of God never ends! I am so happy for you, Larie.
    Love, Jen

  3. I need to start hanging out with you;) Great story!

  4. Great inspiration about how small random acts of kindness are huge and glorify God. He does care about all the little things......even those five piece nuggets!

  5. Ah, my friend, this is what I call being kissed by the KING! I think He is leaning down and giving you sweet little smooches.
    By all means, don't shut up and move on. Receive His love!!!

    *big grin*


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!