...of She Speaks Conference part 2

Thirty minutes after chatting it up with the State Trooper, I arrived at my sister’s house and we retreated to dinner with a friend of hers. “Natalie” told me that she had not done the test run to the convention center for me and I told her that it was okay because I’d just leave a bit earlier than planned. Registration began at 1:00 p.m. with a Bonus Session beginning at 1:15 that I planned to attend. The directions I had stated that it would take 9.5 minutes from my sister’s house to the convention center.


Not only did the drive take 21 minutes, but also, a street name had been changed! Therefore, I traveled 15 minutes out of the way! When I arrived at the convention center, late, I registered and shamefully went back to my car. I refused to enter the session late. As I drove back to “Natalie’s” home, it was very possible that I would not be returning to the conference as a result of the annoying, “You don’t belong here. It’s not your time,” exhortation in my mind. I called Anton but our phone was not working properly again so I called my mommy & sister.

When I walked in “Natalie’s” house, she apologized. Right then I decided that I would not participate in the blame game. She had nothing to do with my being late. I figure that she felt that if she’d done the test run then maybe I would have known about the street name change as well as the actual driving time. Well, Larie needed to take responsibility, she could have done the test drive herself on Thursday evening. I told “Natalie” that it wasn’t her fault and suggested that we get lunch.

Just as I unwrapped my burger, saw melting cheese, banged my head against the headrest and whined, “NOOOOOOO!” the air conditioning and power steering had gone out. “Natalie,” frantically trying to steer the car, asked me what my problem was and I told her that I did not want cheese on my burger! Teasingly, I asked her what had she done to my husband’s car and of course she replied that she’d done nothing, it just stopped working. We made it back to her house where she called a friend for assistance on locating a body shop.

In spite of “Natalie’s’” success, “Beaten-Down-Larie” gave in and said, “Forget it! I just won’t go. Why, why, why? WHAT-IS-GOING-ON? WHAT IS IT?” My sister told me to calm down, take her car and that she was going to take care of my car. The plan consisted of her taking my car to the body shop while I returned to the conference. When she got the information on the problem and cost she’d text me then I would say yes or no about fixing it and finally supply her with my credit card information for payment.

There I am, exhaling from the comfort of Lysa Terkeurst’s message when “Natalie” texts me to say that a belt had popped, $80 to fix, and cash only!


Come on, who doesn’t take credit cards anymore? I thought cash was being done away with, (not really, but I have to be dramatic), so I let her know that there was money in my bag back at her place. Thank you, Lysa, for your awesome message on Friday evening that validated my attendance of this year’s ‘She Speaks’ conference!

After Lysa’s “RemarkABLE” presentation, we enjoyed an evening meal that was well thought out and prepared. Then, I had my first meeting with a publisher…


  1. Oh Larie, I just wanna wrap my arms around you and give you a huge hug after a day like that. I'm glad you were able to get back to the convention though, and I'm quite certain God has you there for a reason. I'm praying for your week to go much smoother from here on out!
    By the way, bummer about the cheese on your burger, that would bugged me too! :)

  2. GOD bless you, sweet one for hanging in there and attending the conference. Obviously, you were suppose to be there or the enemy would NOT have tried so hard to keep you away.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  3. Oh my goodness! It's just one thing after another!!!

    God must have had something AWESOME in store for you and the enemy was just mad.

    Can't wait to see what God had in store for you!

  4. Hello my name is Derrick. I would like to invite you to come join my blog if you want to. May God bless you and your whole entire family.

  5. Oh my goodness! All those obstacles. You must've been so stressed, but I'm so glad you decided to go. :-) And that your car was fixable! I can't wait to hear what happened with the publisher!

  6. "(not really but I have to be dramatic)"
    Seriously. I just burst out laughing when I read that statement. And my husband is sitting across the table from me saying, "I wish my friends were that funny. Why aren't my friends that funny?"
    I think he's jealous. *grin*

    Oh, Larie, you had quite an ordeal. But I know none of it was a surprise to God and He surely used every single moment for your good and His glory.
    I've ready Part 3 as well. Looking forward to the rest!

    Much love,


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!