...of my daddy's birthday

My daddy is 50 today. A few days ago I asked daddy if I needed to start calling him something more distinguished such as, "Father Dear" being that he would be reaching such an elegant stage of life. He replied that he didn't care what I called him as long as I don't stop loving him. Awesome man.

I pondered on what gift to give daddy that appropriately coupled with turning fifty. Daddy doesn't care about gifts, as most parents don't, however, I wanted to get him something. Playing around with ideas, I mentioned to Anton that I was going to get a bed pan and fill it with Depends, Ben-Gay, Memory Enhancer Supplements, A "Gift Certificate" to his favorite pharmacy and some other "old folk" stuff!

Well, I have decided to give daddy something that is real, from my heart. So, a written tribute, highlighting his greatness in his 50 years, is what will be presented to my daddy. Of course I can't share it right now with you all because I want him to be the first to read it, so y'all will have to wait.

Oh, the photo was taken in 2006 at a Family Reunion. No, it's not the most recent photo I have of daddy, but it is one of the rare photos that I have of my daddy in a "normal" state! He is usually doing something silly, ya know, puttin' on a show for the camera. The beautiful woman beside him is his bride, my mommy, of course!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!


  1. Happy birthday to your dad:)

    Great picture:)


  2. 50, what a great age! I turned 50 last month. Tell him "Happy Birthday" for us.

  3. Well I can't wait to read your tribute to your Daddy! Mine just turned 77 last month. I don't know where the time goes.

  4. I love Daddy tributes and I'm looking forward to reading yours. Your parents are absolutely beautiful! :)

  5. Your parents look so young! I can tell you've been very easy on them. Happy Birthday to your Dad!

  6. What a wonderful gift that is going to be!
    You mentioned that he's a bit of a goof-ball - does he also have leaky eyes? Cuz I bet that tribute is going to bring on some tears.
    I love those kinds of tears!

  7. I think that your Dad will cherish your written tribute for many years to come. Your parents look great! :-)

  8. Hi
    This is a very sweet tribute to your daddy. I am sure that he feels very loved by his daughter.

    I found your blog through Tara at Keeping up with the Kelly's last week. I have not had much time to blog or visit this week. But I had a few minutes this evening and thought that I would introduce myself and let you know that I love your blog and would love to come back and visit frequently to get to know you more. I would love it if you would stop by and meet me and my family if you get the chance.


  9. That's your parents? Wow... they look like teenagers themselves!


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