...of a sitcom proposal. What'cha think?

The sixth floor of the hospital looked way different than the other parts I’d seen. It was not as congested or noisy. Everyone had a purpose and they fulfilled it. A nurse checked me in, escorted me to a room and encouraged me to get settled in by unpacking my belongings, (though all I had was a Bible, lemon candy, panties and socks). She also told me to don the hospital gown that had been draped across a chair and assured me that the doctor would not be long. Minutes later, a doctor came in, addressed me by name, but not mine, and told me that the procedure would be quick. The recovery, however, wouldn’t be. I actually listened to all he said, not to be nosey, but because his voice’s tone and pace expressed that he did not expect to be interrupted. At his closing remark, “Do you have any questions for me?” I said no and that my name is Larie Norvell. He flipped the papers on his chart, looked at me, the room number and back at his chart. Then we engaged in an awkward conversation:

Doctor: “Who are you?”

Possible identity thief: “Larie Norvell”

Doc: “You’re here from where?”

Me: “Misawa”

Doc: “For what?”

Still not the patient he’s looking for: “I-131 and Whole Body Scan”

Confused Doctor: “You aren’t ‘Patient X’?”

Larie Norvell: “Noooo…”

Uncertain Doc: “Are you the only one in the room?”
The waves of my forehead and quick scan of our surroundings, prompted him to recreate his question.

Doc, possibly frustrated by now: “Are you the only patient assigned to the room?”

Sassy ‘Rie, (fleetly looking at the ONE bed in the room): “Uhh, I guess? No one was here when I came in.”

Doc: “May I see your I.D. bracelet?”

Amused Larie: “Didn’t get one.”

Doc: “I’ll be back!”

Well, he never- came- back…

“A man finds joy in giving an apt reply-and how good is a timely word!” Proverbs 15:23 NIV


  1. Lord have mercy! Yep, a sitcom or even a MOVIE. The REALITY of Healthcare. LOL!

  2. Oh My!! I am glad that he never came back! :)

  3. I tell my friends...I would write a book, but no one would believe it. Crazy how things happen sometimes.
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. weird...very weird

    Almost spooky even :)


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