...of handling "it"

3. Everyone involved must be man/woman enough to admit his or her offenses. It is also imperative that no one attempts to escape the consequences.

Why is it so hard to admit wrongdoing? Admission does not require a lengthy epistle or speech. We all know when we’ve done something wrong, so just say it. It does, however, require humility. Get out of your own way by removing arrogance from your countenance. Lastly, if you are not sorry, DON’T SAY IT! You’re already in a “position,” so do not heighten it with empty apologies.

For the one hearing the admission, be patient and do not force an admission. Because it is hard for some folk to say, “I was wrong,” sometimes it may take awhile for the complete confession. No one wants to be wrong and no one definitely wants to admit to it! Also, as crazy as it may read, do not “go off!” Your reaction sets the tone for the remaining confession and any others that may come later. To help keep you “on,” during the confession, mentally make a confession at the same time. Remember, you’re not perfect either. King David brought judgment on himself. He had forgotten about his imperfections, 2 Samuel 12:1-25.

Stay or leave? Which of the two do you do? For you, I do not know, but deliver it with audacious confidence and follow-thru with the decision. Yeah, you’ll be tempted to ask other people what you should do, but save yourself from the confusion, finger-pointing, fear, wavering opinions and so on; pray, pay attention to “opportunities” and make your decision.

Finally, the warranted consequences cannot be dodged. They will come in various unwanted forms; STD’s, pregnancy scare (him) , jail-time, financial binds, or charges on your record. Whatever the consequence is, it is NOT to be the decision maker! Yes, they do provide assistance, but you must not act on them.


  1. We do want to hear "I'm sorry", but if it's empty then it means so little. :O)

  2. Isn't that true!


  3. Great wisdom here, Larie. You are right, the consequences in and of themselves can not be the sole basis of our decisions. We have to do what is right or best no matter the consequences. But, man, that can sure require tremendous faith, prayer and the support of friends! Praying with you guys.


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!