...of I guess it was just the eye of the "storm"

Hey there! I thought that I was ready to get back into our, "When A Girl Prays For Patience: Age of Adultery" series, however, it seems that the "storm" is not over as I thought. Our babygirl, "Janelle", has suffered from multiple ear infections since her birth in May of 2008. Each time she was given an antibiotic and the fever, cough and runny nose all clear up, however, the fluid remains in her ear but uninfected.

So within a week of completing the antibiotics, the cycle starts all over again...cough, runny nose, fever..."Janelle" just completed a 10-days antibiotic on 28 January for an ear infection and at her follow up appointment they stated that there is still fluid there but it is NOT infected. Well, she's coughing and has the runny nose right now and I am not waiting until the fever hits again and so one.

Therefore, she has a doctor's appointment today and I have decided that I will just sit there until they take a closer look at what's going on with my babygirl and I am not accepting more antibiotics for her. She's only a year old and has already been filled with antibiotics four to five times.

I ask that you all pray really really really hard and continue to be patient with me and lacking posts for this time.

Thanks a bunch, I love and MISS you all!



  1. OH my dear friend! I just scrolled down and read your previous posts! Please know I am praying for you, your baby girl, your sister and your other family members at this time! Asking the Holy Spirit to Rain down on you and whisper Peace, Love, and Strength into your precious heart and mind right now....HE is with you Laurie! He is your Strong Tower, your Shield, Your present help in this time of need!

    Hang on to HIM and know we are storming heaven for you!

  2. Ask your doctor if she needs to get plugs put in her ears. I had to have that done for my kids when they were that age, but just minus the fever.

  3. Awww poor baby and mommy! I hope they will come up with a solution. I thought you were going to say she had an appt. for getting tubes put in. I don't know at what age they would do that. Praying for that sweet girl!

  4. I am sooo sorry you have been sick. Sending prayers and cyber hugs! We miss you!!

  5. The same thing is happening with my grandson...one ear infection after another
    Poor little kids!

  6. I will pray for your little princess. Love you oodles,

  7. Praying that your daughter's health springs forth speedily and that she will be back to normal in no time! :-) Take all the time you need. We'll wait! :-)

  8. Oh, dear. It's been a while since you posted this. I hope Jaslyn is doing OK! And I read your previous posts, too. Now I understand the "when it rains, it pours" thing.
    Let's pray.
    Father in heaven, I praise You for Your goodness and power! I praise You because You are good - all the time. You never change. You never fail. Nothing that happens in our lives is too difficult for You to manage. You are almighty and fully in control!
    But, LORD, we are weak and so often the things that happen in our lives overwhelm us. We need You! And today I am specifically asking You to hold on to Larie. Let her know Your presence. Show her Your power today by filling her with a peace that only You can provide.
    I thank You that You know exactly what's going on with little Jaslyn. You knit that baby girl together, and You know everything about her! Would You bring healing to her ear? Would You show the doctors anything they need to do? Would You touch Jaslyn and heal her body? Lord, I know if You are willing, You can do it!
    Thank You, Father, for Your amazing love. Thank You for Your perfect care. Please speak tenderly to Larie's heart today. Give her confidence of Your love and power.
    I'm asking it in the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, matchless Name of JESUS. Amen and amen!

    Love you, girl!

  9. It has been a while since you wrote this post, which I read today, and I hope your adorable Jaslyn is completely well and her ears are healthy today.

  10. Just stopped by your blog and read this post. And now wanting to add my humble thought. Is your daughter allergic to milk? I mean cow milk. My two older daughters had a couple of ear infections as children, but my third daughter has never had an ear infection in her life...She never consumed dairy products as a child. She was allergic and that turned out to be a blessing. She uses soymilk and soy icecream and other soy products.
    Hope this information is helpful.
    You have a beautiful family!


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!