...of what the vase concealed

In spite of our “vision,” the demise of our roses had begun. We watered them and vowed to pay more attention to our beautiful roses. Still, they wilted. So more water was rushed into the vase and we drew the shades to allow added sunlight into our home. Vainly, they continued to die. Yet again, abundantly hopeful, we moved the vase closer to the window, “Perhaps it’s just too far away,” we thought. Then roses instigated escape from the vase again, which caused the unsuccessful attempts at reclaiming their station.

I then accepted that maybe the roses did not want to be saved. Therefore, I removed them from the vase at which time I noticed the thorns…


  1. We certainly must work on the thorny parts in our lives.
    Blessings, andrea

  2. The thorns...... :O(



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