...of Someone Suggested That We Should Have Our Own Reality Show

It's only Wednesday and thanks to my kids, I've had an eventful already! For those of you who have been following "My Heart Speaks..." for the last two years, can already imagine what you're about to read. To my new followers, Welcome To Our World...

Sunday evening, "Evelyn," my oldest, said to me, "Mommy, were cars invented when you were a little girl?" I have no clue why that thought came into her head at the moment she was climbing up the ladder to her bed, but I'm sure she strategically waited until that moment to ask such a preposterous thing. I'm thinking she figured that if she waited until bedtime, I'd be too excited about the quiet time I was about to enjoy to ask her questions about where that idea came from and reminding her that I'm only 32 to only end up answering her with a simple, "Yes."

She won. All I could do was snicker a little and say, "Yes, but you should ask your grandma the same thing!" Tee-hee.

Then comes Monday afternoon, "Cameron" approached me while I was on the phone and said, "Mommy! I can't find my weg!", (that darn letter "L" still trips my baby-boy up). I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly, so then the conversation went something like so:

Me: (thinking, no this boy did not just say he can't find his leg), "You can't find what?"

"Cameron": "My weg, I can't find my weg!"

Friend on Phone: (obviously amused), "Did he say he can't his leg?"

Me: (Laughing), "Yes!"

"Cameron": "I don't know where I put it!"

Me: "What?"

"Cameron": (irritated), "MY WEEEEGUH! I-CAN'T FIND IT!"
Friend on Phone: (now laughing more hysterically and instigating the situation), "You better help him find his leg!"

Me: (thinking what's the harm in playing along with him), "Cameron, where did you have it last?"

"Cameron": "I don't know!"

We're just walking around the living room while "Evelyn" and "Janelle" continue to watch t.v. as if looking for a lost appendage is a normal thing in our household! Nevertheless, I help my son look for his leg even though I did not really know what I was looking for. We couldn't have been looking for more than a couple of seconds when "Cameron" excitedly says, "HERE IT IS! I weft it on the floor." I entertained him with a small fanfare and saying, "Alright! You found it man! Yaaaaay!" He bent down near the television, "picked" his leg up and went to his room.

No I did not follow him. No I did not ask him about it later. I just let it be; don't think I could have handled anymore! Tee-hee.

Finally, on Tuesday morning, "Janelle" tells me that she has to "peet," (go potty), so we arrive at the bathroom of her choice, (we have two bathrooms and she actually prefers one over the other sometimes...DO NOT ASK ME...I DON'T KNOW...I JUST GO WITH THE FLOW! lol). I helped her onto to the toilet and wait. She positioned her hands on the seat, looked down, and said, "Here it comes! See Mommy!" So yes, I looked, and looked, and looked, but saw nothing. "Janelle" must have sensed that I was about to say something because she quickly looked up at me and said, "Where it is mommy?" I told her that I guess it was still in her bladder to which she replied, "My baddur?" I confirmed, "Yes, your bladder."

She waited a little longer and finally said, "I done. My baddur in da peet. I do it waidah mommy." I conceded, followed her back into the living room, and continued to watch whatever program was on the Disney Channel at that moment without even trying to understand what had just happened.

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  1. Kids are just the funniest people alive! So glad the wost weg was found :-)

  2. Very moving - I'll certainly link to your blog.

  3. I vote for a blog show... Kinda like a reality show but we read it instead.
    I really did enjoy the post though. Funny and heart warming - my two favourites


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