...of How Come...

…hand washing after using the toilet is drilled into our minds? Yes, it is important and beneficial for health reasons, but I’m just saying how come we aren’t taught to wash our hands BEFORE we use the toilet; especially males? The next time you go to the restroom, wash your hands before you use the toilet and look in the sink as you rinse, lather, and rinse again, then come back here to leave a comment to let me know if you get where I’m going with this. But, yes, please do still wash your hands AFTER you’re done as well!

…”they” say that we, women, don’t know what we want? Hey buddy, how about removing that lustful plank from your eye and then maybe, with a little more coaching from a WOMAN, just maybe “you” will then know that it’s not about what a woman wants, it’s about what she DESERVES! She deserves your respect, just like you. When you want to get a woman’s attention, call her by her name, or Miss, or Young Lady, or Ma’am. Maybe even Darling or Sweetheart will work, (but usually only for distinguished gentlemen…tee-hee), but referring to a female as shawty, (shorty), ma, (this is the one that boils me beyond boiling temperature because I say that if I were you’re “Ma,” you would have been taught how to properly address a lady by your father and I!), or baby-girl is not appropriate. When “you” respect the woman, then you can concern yourself about what it is that she wants...which one thing would be NOT to be called disrespectfully out of her name! (More to come on this later)

…someone asked me, (after asking what type of writing I do), if I had a real job? Had I not been trying too hard to be professional, although taken aback, by responding politely, “Well I’m just pushing my book right now and attending school full-time,” I may have said that no I do not have a “real” job, I have a writing career that is very rewarding and promising with tons of perks and benefits that only one who is happy doing what he/she wants to do can fathom!

I’m just saying…



  1. Good post and all men should read and take heed. God made woman as a helpmate for man...not a slave. We are to treat a woman as if she were a weaker vessel. It does not say she IS a weaker vessel...just that we are to treat her as one.

  2. I always wash my hands before I use the bathroom and guess who taught me this? My FATHER!

  3. I love your anwser to that question, only someone that enjoys what they do can apppreate your writing effort. Keep up the good work:)


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