...of A Tiny Peek

Unconsciously, I snoozed as well and was quickened awake by my sister, "POOKIE! Mommy & Daddy home!" Jumping up, I shook Lyle and told him my parents were home and he had to go. Scared, he paced quickly while I frantically tried to get the tape out of the VCR and back into the drawer.

Car door: BOOM!

Another car door: BOOM!

Voices! I hear my parent’s muffled voices!

“Lyle, back-door-this-way!”

(Taken from "Freshman Year," a chapter in the next installment of the "My Heart Speaks..." series, "My Heart Speaks...of Boys and a Girl.")



  1. Series???
    I didn't know you were writing a series.
    You go, girl!!!

  2. OOO wwweee. All the best. Blessings.


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