...of Kesha

“Cameron” decided today that he’d have his first pet; a Ladybug. Of course he’s excited! The first thing he did was make her a house; a Cool Whip container with holes punched in the top so that she can breathe. “Evelyn” was excited as well, but of course she tried to take over. She began instructing “Cameron” on how to have a pet. She told him that her house needed to resemble her natural ecosystem, (what 7-years old says ecosystem?), and she gathered some grass, mulch, and a rock. The child even put 3, yes 3 drops of water in the ecosystem.

Undisturbed, “Cameron” says, “We have to name the Ladybug. It has to be a girl name ‘cause she’s going to be a girl.” “Evelyn” starts blurting out names and Anton suggests that they give her a “real” name like Keisha since humans give each other names like Ladybug. Fair enough…I guess?

They seemed to have liked the idea at first, then “Evelyn,” (mind you, she’s our melodramatic/creative one), says, with one finger in the air, eyes bulging, and the “AH-HA” smile, “I GOT IT! Let’s name her Kesha because she shines like one!” Neither Anton nor I entertained our thoughts of, “What is she talking about?” her, but “Cameron” agreed.

Now it’s Kesha with a short “e,” not Keisha or Keysha. Just think of the shiny thing…I think? I DON’T KNOW!

They’ve been checking on her periodically and asked if she could come in the house because it’s too hot in the garage for her. Anton asked, “Well where did y’all find her at?” Simultaneously, “In the garage.” Okay then, it’s settled!


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