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Your responses to my latest book, My Heart Speaks…of Boys and a Girl© 2012, are immensely appreciated and touching. I am happy that this current installment of the My Heart Speaks…©2010 series is resonating with so many and fulfilling my intended purpose; to encourage “you” during your self-restoration time and assuring “you” that “you” are not alone.

My Heart Speaks…Wear™ is also doing well. Many of you have sent photos of your sporting your shirts and I love it; thanks SOOOO much! You all look absolutely fabulous.

So now, there’s an article in the 2012 Winter Edition of In Her Heart…® Magazine written by a little ol’ sweet firecracker of a lady by the name of Larie…YEAH THAT’S ME. (LOL) As usual, I intimately share a portion of my experience with pornography testing Anton & I in our marriage. “Not My Battle,” (name of article), is a taste of what couples who are in “complicated” relationships will hear about in our candid discussions & workshops called, It’s Complicated ‘95™.

Come back here and visit with me on Wednesday, 07 March 2012, (the day before my debut signing for My Heart Speaks…of Boys and a Girl©2012), for a contest to win a copy of the Winter 2012 Edition of In Her Heart…® Magazine.

OH! Thanks for making my first book, My Heart Speaks…©2010 a SELLOUT; it’s headed in for a second printing! You all are really just great, thank you.


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Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!