...of Late Nights, Early Mornings, and 38 Weeks

I just laid my youngest child down after he'd fallen asleep about ten minutes ago. He'd been up since right before 4 a.m. for a feeding and a little playtime. As I held the bottle, (he knows how to hold his bottle by the way, BUT, he only holds it for my's a baby conspiracy I tell ya!), and watched him drink the formula down, it dawned on me that the term "midnight feedings" is very misleading!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I remember hearing different sayings pertaining to motherhood and I thought I was prepared. For example, the term midnight feeding...this lead me to believe that other than the daytime feedings, babies only ate at midnight and slept the rest of the time. LOL and SMH How come nobody told me any better? Another baby saying that I was very naive about is morning sickness. When the afternoon came and I was still feeling nauseated, of course I was confused, but then when I was still feeling the same way in the evening and through the night I almost panicked and wondered if something were wrong! Of course I soon learned that morning sickness does in fact affect you all day. Humph, with my third I was sick for the entire 38 weeks that I nurtured her in my womb!

So, to the new mommies, midnight feedings do not only occur at midnight and morning sickness...well, yeah, don't get caught up with that one either! LOL

Veteran moms: What's your "favorite" baby saying that have you found to be misleading?


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