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Well it’s the day after Christmas and someone maybe standing in a long line to return that “perfect” gift for the special lady in their life. Perhaps while standing in line they're thinking what they should get as a replacement. Take a moment and really think about what she needs; especially if she's an entrepreneur. Get her registered for the Revitalize 2014: Women's Conference coming in April 2014 to Norfolk, Virginia! The conference’s theme is Empowering Women With the Tools to Relate, Create, and Elevate. Attendees can expect to, "Get Clarity of Purpose- Easy Action Steps- Life and Business Mentoring

This event is hosted by the Message Expansion Partners and Motivational speaker, Lakeisha McKnight, will be serving as Mistress of Ceremonies and has a dynamic panel of speakers to include:

Vincent K. Harris, Financial Expert

Joan Wilson, Product Creation Expert

Maricia Sherman, Confidence Expert

Melanie Bonita, Marketing Expert

Melissa Turner, Peak Performance Expert

Nellie Wosu, Dress Attire Expert

Rhonda Nails, Business Growth Expert

Renee Sunday M.D., Purpose and Passion Expert

Stevii Aisha Mills, Life Balance Expert

Dawgelen "Dr. Dawj" Sangster, Authenticity Expert

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