...of ambiguity

Temporary. Not permanent. Beginning, end. Seasonal.

When I am told that something is temporary, the above thoughts come to mind. I have confidence in knowing that there is a starting point, as well an ending point. A specified day, week, month or year even, is noted when using the word temporary. That’s lucid right? Temporary is not ambiguous.

I’ve recently learned that temporary can in fact, be ambiguous.

My mother-in-law & brother-in-law are living with us, temporarily. I am ignorant of temporaries’ logistics in this situation. There is no specified time. It’s just, temporary.

“This is not permanent,” says my husband. His mother agrees. His wife, well, I’m still confused. Temporary has a designated beginning and end. What is temporaries’ allotment? I need a comparison to help me understand I think.

Department stores offer temporary positions during the holidays. The positions filled during this time are often referred to as, seasonal. This indicates that when the season ends, so does your job! Oh, okay, that’s right, we are currently in the middle of the holidays! Okay, so I just have to wait until the end of the season!

No, wait, uuuummmm, my husband didn’t say our current living arrangement is seasonal; he called it, temporary!

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