...of a genuine heart for God

Hello, hello, hello! I've decided to add another label titled, "Pieces of Us." This label is a look into a bit more personal things about us. Some surface things, others will be deeper. Some of you have been familiarizing yourselves with me by way of what is written here. Therefore, I just wanted to provide another avenue for you all to get to know me.

I've had an awesome day so far. We woke up 1/2 hour later than usual this morning but still arrived to Sunday school on time!!! I was so excited because we were not frantically running around trying to make up those "lost" 30 minutes. We went on as we usually do. I do remember saying, "Oh no, it's 8'o'clock," when I woke up. And I continued on and said, "Lord forgive me please I am so sorry. I know that getting up this late does not allow us to get to class on time. I am so sorry."

You would think that after that I would have been "running" through the house like a mad woman barking orders at everyone, but actually, I really felt peaceful. I knew that we were going to "make it." Pumpkin-cupcakes, (youngest daughter) had awakened on her own, hubby got the other two up, one was in the tub while the other had oatmeal and my in-laws were just waking up. We were all able to get dressed, eat, and both of my girls got piggy-tails, (oh come on moms of more than one daughter-don't tell me that there has not been times where you had to brush all the hair back into a messy ponytail or only one got their hair done or even yet, no one got their hair done-you included, so you all sat in the training room that day!)

Seriously, I knew it was because of my prayer. God knows that I really do enjoy being afforded the luxary of attending Sunday school and then worship service. He knows that I also enjoy Wednesday and Friday evening Bible study, He knew where our hearts were. Therefore, He made sure that we were still on time and didn't miss a thing! I am so very happy for that.

By the way, as we exited the truck to go inside, hubby looks at me and asks, "Did you grab the diaper bag?" :)


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!