...of Ruth IV

Ruth, chapter 3

What I've learned from this chapter is that Naomi is concerned about Ruth's provisions, so Naomi advises her daughter-in-law to uncover the feet of Boaz and lie down. Ruth responds, "I will do whatever you say." v. 5 NIV. Ruth obediently does what she was instructed to do by her mother-in-law, and when Boaz is startled awake, he notices a woman at his feet. Ruth then asks Boaz, as her kinsman-redeemer, to "spread the corner of his garment over her." v.9 NIV

A woman uncovering the feet of a man and lying down was a modest and subjective approach to the next step of asking the man to cover her with his garment. Humbly, the woman would then request that he, "spread thy skirt over her." The Hebrew for "spread they skirt" is "spread thy wing," and wing is symbolic of protection as seen by the young birds being covered under the mother-bird's wing as protection from prey. Boaz obliges, signifying that he will take her as wife, under his protection.

As mentioned last week, I deliberately ignore the advice of my mother-in-law. I am understanding that I have been doing this out of ignorance. Naomi's advice to Ruth was intended as a blessing, without malicious intent. I have ignorantly taken the offering of my mother-in-law's advice as her way of controlling us.

Also, in my not Christ-like thinking, I assume that my mother-in-law's intention is self-seeking. If we prosper, she benefits as well. Yeah, I'm soooo good at knowing the heart's of others...

Application: Repent, change the way I think about my mother-in-law and honor her.

*Note- My mother-in-law has been in her own apartment for a week now, however, I will not discontinue this study. I know that I do not need to work on obtaining a relationship with her just because we were living together. She is a part of my life and I must, no, will honor her and love her as Christ loves me. Thank you all for listening to me, offering advice and best of all, PRAYING!!! I love you.


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