...of AND HE ATE IT!!!

“Mommy, I hungry.”

“Okay 'Cameron', gimmie a minute.

“Can I make my own dinner?" He really meant lunch.

“Uhhhhh, yeaaaah, what’cha gonna make?” I so totally did not expect him to actually do it!

“Ummmm, I wan’ peanut and jelwee sanwish.”

“Okay, Lumps, go ahead.”

"Cameron" got the stepladder to assist him in getting the bread and peanut butter. He then got the jelly from the fridge and a spoon from the drawer. Two peanut butter and jelly smeared slices later, he says, “Mommy, can I have meat wit my sanwish?”

“Yeah "Cameron", whatever.” I was folding laundry in a hurry, wanting to be done before "Janelle" woke up.

He came to me a few seconds later with the Salami and asked me, “Mommy, can you open dis pwease?” I opened it and back to the counter he went. “Mommy, I all done.”

“Okay Lumps. Go to the table and I’ll get your drink.”

“No mommy! I can do it by myself!”

“Ooooookay?” I watched him and he really did well, he even put the juice back in the fridge!!! As an ego booster, I asked "Cameron" if I could try his “yummy” sandwich. Of course he was charmed and offered me a bite. He had put the salami ON the bread WITH the peanut butter and jelly! I thought he was just asking me if he could have the “meat” as a side with his sandwich! It wasn’t nasty, but I won’t be making one of those for myself!!!

However, as you can see, he is satisfied with himself and his “peanut jelwe meat sandwish.”

Now, I have to teach him to clean up, COMPLETELY, after himself. He put the peanut butter, jelly and the spoon he used away, but forgot a couple of other things…

Do not ask me what he did with those crackers!!!


  1. How cute....he is well on his way to independence:-) You were such a good sport to try it with the meat. Can't say I would have.

  2. Look at my boy!!! Go head Cailem. Isn't it awesome to watch them grow up.

  3. Girrrl, this is so precious! How sweet! I guess Cailem was really saying, "Mommy, you are too slow, so I will help myself!"

  4. Yes, he was saying, "I want my food and I want it now!" Have you ever seen Little Shop of Horrors and the plant says, "Feed Me Seymour"? Yep, that's him alright.

  5. Cute story! Thanks for visiting Family Fountain and leaving a comment about the Appreciation Day. I'm glad you got to attend a similar one at your church. Please visit again soon. WB

  6. *smile* SO CUTE!
    My oldest son would be hungry the moment he woke, which was at sunrise! We didn't have cold cereal, so I taught him to make his own toast at age 5, just so I could get a few more minutes sleep.


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