...of an art form; house-keeping

This week has been busy for me, so busy that I neglected much of the housework. I did enough to get by. With the help of the dishwasher, I was able to keep at least the dishes clean. I believe that I vacuumed once this week. Sweeping, oh man, I only swept the immediate area under our band of crumb snatchers. Ummm, no, wait; crumb snatcher is so inappropriate, because if they were indeed crumb snatchers, then I wouldn’t have had to sweep up under them! Nice! Yeah, real nice how that light bulb just lit this room up!

Okay, so back to the point. Well, there’s really no point, I’m just sharing another piece of us with y’all. Now, the bathrooms were moderately maintained. I achieved this by bathing the older two myself. When they are left to do it themselves…well, they are four and five sooooYEAH. The toilet, OH NOOOOO, Anton has got to go back to putting Cheerios in that toilet, (y’all do know about toilet-training boys with the Cheerios, right?)! The sinks weren’t too bad; they were wiped up quickly on the way out of the bathroom each night.

Our beds were made each morning, so that made the rooms somewhat inviting. The made beds would have duped one into thinking that we were slightly organized and tidy people. I did keep our family from running out of clean underwear and socks! I just didn’t do very well at matching or putting them in their proper places, but hey, THEY’RE CLEAN! Anton says that there’s nothing better than clean, dry socks, ookaaaaay, whatever keeps ya’ happy dude, I’m your girl!

As I began, this week was busy. There were places that I “had to be,” a neighbor to help, a friend to edify with, a school activity, mid-week study, Krispy Kreme, (for our son's birthday-I promise!), the bowling alley-also for his birthday and Target for a baby shower gift! I was away from home a whole lot of lots this week and it showed.

Anton is working 0900-2100, a really funky schedule for people with families, but, I am not complaining, thank You Father that he has a job. Anyway, his schedule did not allow him to help out like he usually does. He’s so awesome, he does mostly everything better than me, (he said himself that I am a better cook than he), so we work together at keeping house. Anton taught me how to do laundry y’all!

So, yesterday afternoon I began cleaning. When our oldest came home from school, she had the boldness to lie on their bedroom floor as if she were making a carpet angel, talkin’ ‘bout, “Aaaaah, my room is clean!” I WALKED AWAY!

Today I completed my tasks by cleaning the bathrooms & floors, changing the tablecloth and putting the remaining groceries & laundry away. I feel much better and had forgotten how good a clean house smells!

When I have weeks like this, I want to put a sign on our door that reads:

“If you’re here to see the house, come back in a few days; AFTER CALLING FIRST! However, if you’re here to see us, the Norvell Family, come on in and pop a squat-BUT, you may want to be sure to empty your bladder before-hand!” Then, of course, there will be a photo of our sharply, flawless, color-coordinated dressed, peaceful-looking, and smiling family…CHEESE!


  1. Beautiful Page. I enjoyed reading your post. I'm new to your site. Will visit often.

  2. I love this post!!! we were at Bob Evans for dinner last night because well I dislike cooking and after work eating out sounded better...anyway we saw a sign my daughter said Mom you need this, it said, I cleaned the House Last week but you missed it :)

  3. Knock, knock...just dropping by to say hello! Sorry I didn't call first, but it's just me (lol).

  4. Okay! This post is toooo funny! My motto is: If you're here to visit us, we'll have a good visit; but, if you're here to visit our house~we may be in trouble (a two-week notice is the protocol). LOLLLL

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I was so happy to see your comment. I love how you sign off with the word, "Smooches". I really like that word! And, one more thing, your family picture is beautiful~ your smile is GORGEOUS. In fact, that's the reason that I clicked on your photo a few days ago. Your smile really stands out and brightens up a "page". I would say room, but hey~we're here in blogland. :D

    Will you consider becoming one of my blog friends, and follow my blog? I'd sure love the company. : }

    In His Love,

  5. Hi! Stopping by to visit! I love this post...sometimes the house must slide so you can serve others and do other things...but I am with you...when it is back to clean it is SOOOOOOOO nice!!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. I love that motto. May I use it at our house? We do get busy with other things that doesn't leave room for us to do anything else. It's so great to know that while you're being a super mom, that you're not being "SUPER" mom, if you get my drift. But when I come to visit, I'm just going straight to the bed and take a nap.

  7. You know me, Ms. Clean Freak, so I loved this post. But tell me about the Cheerios...I'm guessing you put them in the toilet for "target practice?" I think I'm right but I need to know as we're coming up on that task very soon. My mom trained me by squating over bugs on the ground in the summertime. The things we will do... Congrats on your clean house. My house has been let go this week since I've been so sick. Next week, will be a marathon!

  8. I enjoyed reading your blog today. The land of BLOG is so much fun. It is so true that everyone has a story.
    Hope you will stop by and visit me. The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners.

  9. GIGGLE...loved this, especially THIS:

    So, yesterday afternoon I began cleaning. Eyanna, our oldest, when she came home from school, had the boldness to lie on their bedroom floor as if she were making a carpet angel, talkin’ ‘bout, “Aaaaah, my room is clean!”

    My mother wouldn't grumble when I plopped on a freshly made bed. It was so inviting, I just had to!

    You sound like a very normal mother. If you can keep clean socks and a path to the bathroom (even if it's dirty) then you're doing well.

    Love you! ((((hugs))))
    Mommy Vonnie

  10. So thankful my salvation depends on Jesus, not the cleanliness of my house!!!
    I feel your pain, Larie. Used to have a tidy house all the time. Then I became a Mommy, and tidy became a thing of the past...*sigh*

  11. We too had a busy two weeks, the house is a mess...You know how I despise cleaning.
    I understand how your husband can do everything better than you. Mike does everything better than me. It takes me 2 days to wash three loads of laundry. It takes him a couple hours. Oh thank God for our wonderful men :-)
    Thank God for you sharing...I am sure so many women have days like this.
    God is good!!!

  12. You CRACK me up!

    I say "cop a squat" to my toddler. And once upon a time, I said it to the teens.

    I love your humor! I think I've told you that. But you put such an interesting perspective on things.

    Where are you from? Somewhere south, y'all, I'm sure.

    Rena Gunther


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!