...of mistaken identity

At the time, I did not know why or how he got into the crib with his sister, but it was a cute photo opportunity. I do not know what they are looking at either, in that direction is the window but the shades were drawn.

My son has informed me that he gets in the crib with his baby sister to check on and play with her when she wakes up! How sweet, now, what I really wanted to post about...

We have three children. The youngest two are at home with me during the day. Our son, is 4 and our second is 1. Of course she favors her brother more than our oldest child since he is with her more. If he is not in the room but I say his name, she will turn as if she were looking for him. So I assumed that she knows him by name.

Until the end of the month, "First and Second-born" are with my parents. When they were here, I noticed that our youngest would say to her brother, “Dop it!” He would then reply, “I not doing anything!” This had seemed to become a game for them so I paid it no mind, until…

While Anton was holding his precious baby girl today, she was facing some portraits on the wall, one of which displayed a muddy boy. She pointed to the portrait and shouted, “Dop it!” Anton and I both laughed and simultaneously said to her that he couldn’t have done anything because he wasn’t here. Anton also joked that she was just being mean, until…

She and I were in the bathroom, where another picture of our boy is, and she pointed at his picture again, and said, “Dop it!” NO! She can't! This baby cannot possibly think that our son's name is, “Stop it!” Surely she has not mistaken my telling him to stop it during the day as his name!



  1. How cute!! Love the picture but it is interesting that they are looking at the same thing...whatever it is or isn't :-)

  2. So cute kids and family you have there.. I love kids and can't wait to have mine...
    I also want to thank you for stooping by the other day and leaving a comment on Sarah Blog,. she is amazing isn't she?

    I am going to have another interview on Monday, hope you stop by and read it...
    God bless

  3. How funny! I remember joking that my kids were probably going to think their name was "don't" or "no,no". Kids are precious.

  4. *smile* That's funny! I know a boy, Stevie, who thought his own name was TeveyNO!

  5. Cute picture:)

    The picture is from our vacation when we went to Tenerife in mars this year.


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  7. LOL Tooo funny! You're experiencing those extra fun ages again.


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