...of our daily schedule

All a man’s ways seem innocent to him, but motives are weighed by the LORD. Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed. The LORD works out everything for His own ends- Proverbs 16:2-4

0600-0615: Personal Bible Meditation

0615-0720: Oldest school prep

0720: Son and youngest dauther wake up: Get dressed and begin housework

-Get dressed
-Bible lesson & reinforcement activity

1300-1500: Nap

1500-1600: Dinner prep

1600-1630: Children's Chores


Monday *Laundry *Change Linens
Tuesday *Sweep *Mop *Vacuum
Wednesday * Laundry *Bathrooms *Library *Bible Study
Thursday * Clean Fridge * Prep Jaslyn's food *Somerset (2nd & 4th)
Friday * Laundry *Prep 4 Sunday *Bible Study

!This weekly schedule is just and aide for what needs to be done. All housework is subject to an "as needed" basis also!

The above is our daily schedule that we sporadically followed. I really did try to be consistent, really, I did. When I was consistent, our days were peaceful as well as productive. My son knew what was expected of him and when. On those consistent sporadic days, I had a hard time getting myself or him to do anything. We kinda just existed throughout the day without a "purpose."

Majority of the time, this was a result of my not starting my day with Jesus! Sleeping in would take priority and I'd get up in just enough time to have my oldest dressed, fed and at the bus stop! Then the rest of the day just lagged behind. Anton's work schedule is fluctuating right now this is why I had to take a "time stamp" off of his arrival. So anyway, I plan to do it the right way over the next two and a half months using the revamped summer schedule, posted below:
(Proverbs 16:2-4)
Always be prepared to WELCOME DADDY HOME...YAAAAAY!!!
0620-0700: Larie, Personal Bible Meditation
0700-Children wake up: Larie, Get dressed, begin housework, read, write & blog
Children Wake up-1300: Breakfast, get dressed, Bible reinforcement activity, chores, service projects & prepare dinner
1300-1500: Nap
1500-1730: Errands & other
Monday *Laundry *Change Linens *Dust *Library
Tuesday *Laundry *Sweep *Mop *Vacuum
Wednesday *Laundry *Bathrooms *Bible Study
Thursday *Laundry *Clean Fridge *Plan Monthly Menu (last Thursday of month) *Service Projects carried out
Friday *Laundry *Grocery Shop *Prep 4 Sunday *Bible Study
!This weekly schedule is just an aide for what needs to be done. All housework is subject to an "as needed" basis also!


  1. I admire you. I've never been schedule oriented. Seems like after being in the military it would be natural, but girrrrl, a schedule makes me break out in hives (lol). I understand they don't always go as planned, but at least you tried to follow it the best you could!

  2. I like the part best where you take a nap. I'm with you all the way on that one.

  3. Wow. I'm not schedule oriented either. I'm task oriented though.
    Love the nap section!

  4. Whew! Laundry every day???
    I hope this schedule helps bring peace to your days - without making you a slave to it!
    I am trying to have some amount of schedule/chores for my kids this summer, too.

  5. Hello,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've tried many different schedules. Still haven't quite found one that works yet...oh well, I'll keep trying. Hope this new schedule works better for you! I like the part about starting the day with Jesus...


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!