...of walking in the rain

"Session 1"

Monday evening, the kids and I took a walk after dinner, (the older two rode their bikes while the "Queen" reclined in her stroller). We got about two houses down when the clouds began to let tiny drops of tepid water loose. At first thought, I wanted to turn around, however, I couldn't.

A grateful prayer exploded. I had to thank God, first, for holding my body in the direction it had started. Then, for the refreshing feeling that calmed me. Finally, I asked God if He would allow us to make it around the block at least once without getting soaked.

My thanks for continuing on the walk was because it encouraged me in my faith, (re-read "God's Umbrella"). This time, I didn't try to keep myself from getting wet, nor did I wonder if I was the only one who knew it was raining. My kids were aware of the rain, well, actually I know for sure that my oldest was aware because she said, "Mommy! It's raining!" Oh thank You, Jesus, that I was able to happily respond, "Yeah, it's okay. Keep going."

It was exciting to her that we took a walk in the rain. She asked me if I cared that I got wet and I told her that I didn't care; it felt good. We made it around the block, with a pit stop at the culdesac with the slope that they like to coast down! As our garage door was going down, I noticed that those tiny drops had become handfuls. Once again, praise erupted, for "God's Umbrella."

" careful that you do not forget the LORD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery." Deuteronomy 6:12 NIV


  1. Hubby and I sometimes get caught in the rain during our evening walks and yes, it feels good to not run and seek shelter - I sure use to! "My hair, my hair!" Good grief!

  2. I'm smiling, thinking about your little girl recalling in a few years, "Mommy," (My 13-year-old still calls me Mommy sometimes. *grin*) "do you remember that time when we took a walk in the rain? That was fun!"
    Good for you for making a memory with the kids!

  3. What a wonderful memory to make!

    (I love the sound effects!)


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