...of "Anton's son"

Okay, this tire belongs to our daughter. However, she did not put this hole in it by skidding, "Anton's son, yes, I said "Anton's son" :), did it. I guess since he couldn't ride his bike he decided to take her bike.

Now this is the tire of "Anton's son's" bike. He wore a hole in it from skidding!

Lastly, these shoes belong to "Anton's four-years-old son." I guess as they say, "He's all boy!"


  1. I remember those days. My middle son wore the tires off everyone's bikes. He was a jumper, skidder, and anything else he could make his bike do. Life was simple back then. Now my kids are grown (all but one).
    Enjoy the journey, andrea

  2. Why is it that boys are so rough? I have a 13 year old son and he's not a rough now as he used to be, but rough still the same. He plays hard but he has the softest heart. He has put more holes in shoes than I would have ever wanted to see in my life. I'm thankful I just have one son.

  3. Laughing here in Michigan! My nine-year-old does the exact same thing!!!
    I finally decided to try something a little different. Used to always get his shoes at Payless, but they would start falling apart a couple weeks into his abuse. This time we bought name brand at a department store. Got them on sale, but I still spent more than I would like. But I am hoping they are made better and he won't need new ones in less than a month. So far, so good!

  4. So cute! I have three boys, my oldest is almost five. I used to pass his shoes to his brothers, but recently I realized that won't be possible anymore. LOL Too scuffed up.

  5. Oh, I like "Anton's Son"! My brothers and I used to ride our bikes on the road from our house, up hill. Then, we would ride down hill as fast as we could right into our dirt driveway slam on the breaks, skidding the back tire around. We thought it was great!

    Then, we attended a tractor pull at the local fair. We hooked our sisters tricylce up to a load of bricks and had our own tractor pull, until we stripped the gears on it.

    Yup, your son is all boy, and that's good!

  6. Well he sure did wear those tires out! The shoe picture is priceless:-)

  7. LoL--we have similar things here, too! Boys. Gotta love em.


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