...of a Heart of Service

The following list comes from a lecture and workshop that I was given the awesome opportunity to present with another Sister and we titled it, “Heart of Service.” These lectures & workshops were offered in three sessions during the months of January, February & March of 2006 in Misawa, Japan as a part of the mentoring program for Ladies that a “Titus 2:3-5 Sister” developed with the purpose of equipping the others Sisters for service in the LORD.

“Heart of Service” intended to afford fellow Sisters-in-Christ with the basic information concerning what it means to be a servant and the attitude in which we should serve with. The ladies were pampered with lunch, foot washing, gift bags, fellowship, and best of all, Jesus’ example of a serving with the heart.

How Can I Be of Service

John 13:1-17

1. Pay attention and listen closely when someone says, “I’m fine.” Sometimes that is not true, but it’s hard for some people to ask for help. Look beyond their words.

2. Think about what you would need if you were in their shoes. This can be hard especially if you don’t “know” them and/or you have not experienced their situation. So ask someone else who has been in his or her situation or if you think they may have an idea.

3. Hang in there when the situation drags on week after week. A lot of times, people respond right away when things are first announced, but be a “Next Level” person and call or make a personal visit weeks later.

4. Make short visits, people can easily tell you that everything is okay, but the visits will allow you to be more observant of the situation. Body language is key!

5. Pray continually, and follow up on those answered prayers. It’s always nice to know that someone is praying for you, but to keep track of the answered prayers is going to the next level.

6. Too often we are quick to give bad news, try sharing some good news. YES, even during times of calamity. Some people find joy in others good news during their times of trials. It’s edifying to them.

7. Don’t shy away from helping others for fear of financial obligations and/or time. Most of the time it’s the little things that help the most: prayers, phone calls, bringing a meal, etc.

8. Share your talents, cooking, sewing, decorating, drawing, etc.

9. Let God make the relationship happen. It’s a wonderful benefit of being His children.

10. Allow your family to grow, we ARE brothers & sisters. Treat one another as such.

11. Share your trials & tribulations, w/wisdom; this is an awesome way to serve. You never know when someone else is suffering the same way you have. “It takes one to know one.”

12. When new families or singles, come into the congregation, go over & introduce yourself, invite them to dinner. Welcome them to their new home! Give them your number although it may be on the roster, making that personal effort makes all the more difference sometimes.

13. When tragedy hits, do not fall into the woulda, shoulda, coulda, why didn’t the neighbors, or why didn’t the church. As Christians we have a duty to develop caring, supportive & loving relationships with one another. We are to do what we can and refrain from making harsh judgments.

14. Pay attention to those you haven’t seen in a while. Call them and chat for a minute. Let them know that you were thinking about them. Do you notice a sister that seems reserved, invite her over for tea or get her involved. Encouraging words are healthy in human relationships.


  1. I love your post:) And I am so agree with you:)


  2. Great post! We must encourage others!
    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  3. Great post for the middle of the week.

  4. These are awesome tips. Going the extra mile definitely makes a difference!

  5. I came here to post a comment for your comment you left me. Yes I do wrap it, but my scarf ended up on my pillow. How strange is that! Of all days!

  6. What a great list! I esp. love the one about sharing your trials and tribulations because it may help others to open up and share. Sometimes we think we are the only ones experiencing situations but validation is often so uplifting. Not that I want people to have troubles but it helps to know "you are not alone."

  7. Great tips Larie! I so agree with these. Especially 1 & 3. Service is one of my love languages.

  8. Larie: This is so wise and helpful.
    My mom is a recent widow, and I needed to read these suggestions to help her. She is lonely and hurting, and just needs a friend besides her cat...

    P.S. Please hop over to my blog today for a book drawing!

  9. These things are so true! I need to save this.


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