...of She Speaks Conference Introduction

Sweetest Blogger Family,

July 31- August 02, 2009, my family was blessed by my attendance of the “She Speaks” Conference, hosted by the “Proverbs 31 Ministry!” Now, I was the only one from our household who attended the conference, but the sober wisdom of those women will benefit us all.

Though tagged a writing/speaking/ministry/blogging conference, it was not about that at all. In my opinion, “She Speaks” was a conference dedicated to celebrating each individual’s uniqueness given by our Creator. Not one speaker’s agenda was about herself. Each Godly woman knew her place and how she came to it.

Next year’s conference is highly anticipated and recommended by me. Please go to the ministries website and familiarize yourself with them in preparation for next week’s posts. I will be dedicating next Monday through Thursday, the 10th-13th of August, to the awesomeness of “She Speaks!”



  1. Did you meet other bloggers there? I have read several blogs where the authors described this event. Sounds like it was great!

    "Roaring Lions" is supposed to be out this month. I have to read through it one more time for corrections.


  2. I must have missed where you said you were going. Can't wait to hear all about it! Thanks for your email this morning :-)

  3. I heard that this was a wonderful conference! Maybe I will get to attend next year.


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