...of photos from She Speaks

As I said, here are a few photos from the 'She Speaks' conference, hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I do have permission from both ladies to post these pictures and I will be providing a link to their site for you all to check out and I will also be informing them that these photos have been posted.

Mary Demuth was elated to have a photo taken with me. She stated that it was an honor and she couldn't wait to show all of her friends who she'd taken a picture with!

Okay, not really. This is the real story, after her presentation, with sweaty palms and a racing heart, I approached Mary Demuth and asked her if she would sign my copies of "Daisy Chain" and "for the Write Reason." She so gently agreed and then I took a chance and asked her if she would take a picture with me. I then asked for her permission to post it so that I could say, "Hey y'all, look who I met!" Truth...ok...fine!

Here, I decided that the colors of the board matched the colors I was wearing, so, grab a picture! Really, I just wanted a picture in front of the board, ya know, kinda like taking a picture at the entrance of a theme park. tee-hee

Finally, here's Lysa Terkeurst and I after she chased me down at the end of her presentation. She said that she noticed how attentive I was and she'd heard that I highlighted some points from her story in "for the Write Reason," therefore, she just had to sign it and get in a photo with me. Lysa was soooo in stalker mode! See how close she is to me, sheesh, lady, respect the personal space please! Aaaaahhh, me and my fabulous life!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, the truth...after Lysa's presentation, I cautiously walked up to her, thanking her for the presentation and her blog. I then told her how much I liked "Holly Day" on her blog as well so she introduced us! AWESOME! Then, I puffed my chest out and asked for the honor of taking a photo with Lysa. Yaaaay, she agreed! She and Holly walked away and it hit me, I DID NOT GET A PICTURE WITH HOLLY AND I FORGOT TO ASK LYSA TO SIGN MY HIGHLIGHTED PAGE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO...certainly I could not, and would not, chase them down; I'd seem like a stalker!

Instead, after the closing presentation by Jennifer Rothschild later that evening, I spotted Lysa and Holly near the front of the stage and made a dash for it, (an inconspicuous one of course), and I waited my turn. As I approached Lysa it had to be made known that I was not stalking her, but just as I opened my mouth, Lysa's eyes lit up and she said, "Hello my friend!" and she opened her arms to receive me! WHOA! That kinda threw me off a bit, but it also put me at ease. My huge ego said, "Check this out, Lysa remembers me and she called me her friend!" SHHH-WEET!

Once I got myself together, I let Lysa know that I was so not a stalker but that I'd forgotten to ask if she would sign her story in "for the Write Reason." Of course she signed it and right when I was about to ask Holly for a picture, someone else started talking to me and when we were done, Holly was gone! So, Holly, if you are reading this, may I please get that picture with you at next year's conference? I'll be the chick wearing the tee-shirt that proclaims, "I am not a stalker...BTW, I love that dish you ordered on Tuesday ;) "


  1. Larie: How wonderful for you. I am so thankful you got to do this. I met Mary DeMuth this summer as well; she is very gracious.
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Larie, you are a hoot!!!

    Glad you got the pictures and had such a good time. *grin*

  3. We look great, don't we? Thanks for snapping the picture! May the Lord continue to guide your life and your publishing/speaking endeavors.

    Mary DeMuth

  4. Sounds like a neat experience. I enjoy going to seminars like this. They are so uplifting.

    BTW, Roaring Lions could start printing this week!

  5. The lady in the blue so looks like Loretta Lynn.

  6. Larie, you made me feel like I was there; thanks for sharing. You're a great writer!

  7. Hey sweetie! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY BIRTHDAY PRESENT!!! You shouldn't have done that! You would have laughed.

    The kisses were juice and when I opened the envelope this brown stuff got on my hand. I started screaming and threw the package -- thinking I had squished a bug!!! Thankfully the journal was in plastic. Ha.

    Bless you for being so thoughtful. I love it!



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