...of school days

"First-born" has left for her first day of 1st grade. For the past few weeks I’d been very excited, but now that it’s here and she is gone, I’m wondering what the excitement was all about. She decided that she didn’t want to go because they do not take naps in 1st grade. How dare she! This child DOES NOT like sleeping at all. She finds every possible, and impossible reason to stay awake until she literally passes out, but now she wants to nap! Yeah right. Maybe she’ll tell me the real reason later.

"Second-born" starts school tomorrow…


  1. Enjoy your first day of school Eyanna and Cailem! And you go ahead and enjoy your free time Larie. :)

  2. They grow up so fast! Treasure these days.

  3. She knows waaay to early that mothers don't have time for naps (lol).

  4. I've prayed God's protection on all the kids starting school this year. May he bless them all.


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