...of seeing eyes are blind eyes

A young lady enters the worship assembly. Some of the “Saints” take notice of her choice of clothing. The well-meaning young lady has adorned herself in a skirt, which is a couple of inches too short, showing all her “business.” Her shirt seems too small and really too low; should it even be considered as a shirt? As she propels her body toward an empty pew, many of us sigh with thankfulness that she did not choose to seat herself among the “holiness” of our presence because visitors may get the absurd idea that we’re together.

How do we feel when the fact that the young lady has been visiting congregations for the past two months in search of Truth, (John 14:6), and while doing so she has encountered a plethora of obstacles is revealed? In spite of, she has continued through because she is in no doubt of what her eyes do not see, (“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1 NIV).

Her most recent barrier entailed a house fire, which resulted in the total loss of her possessions. A neighbor was kind enough to provide what she could. Her humble provisions included the attire in which the young lady is dressed. The neighbor is much more petite than the young lady, hence the reason her garments seem “too revealing,” or so to our uninformed standards anyway. The young lady had purposed not to allow this recent impediment to be a cause of prevention concerning her investigation.

“He will not judge by what He sees with His eyes, or decide by what He hears with His ears; but with righteousness He will judge the needy, with justice He will give decisions for the poor of the earth…” Isaiah 11:3-4 NIV

Where is my sight coming from? What do I see? Can I see the unseen?


  1. I will not quickly forget this post. You always know exactly what to write and how to write it. Too often we judge by the outside and not by the inside.

    Make sure you stop by my blog today for some good embarrassment! ;)

  2. This post touches my heart. Many are too quick to judge. Thank you for posting this today.
    Blessings, andrea

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  3. popping over from Tara's to say Hi. Love this insight.

  4. Hi! I'm popping over from Tara's blog. What a great post! How quickly many of us would pass judgement. I can truly say I could learn a lesson from this post. Thanks for that!

  5. We "Christians" are the very first ones to judge when we should be the ones to open up our arms to help in any situation. We don't do it..because we are holier than thou. Why do the persnicky people are the ones who do this and then say stuff like, "May God have mercy on them." I want to set them all on fire.

  6. Oh, this reminds me of times I have judged falsely. Good post.

  7. Visiting from Tara's. Wanted to say hi. I am going to stick around awhile and get to know your gang a bit.


  8. This is so sad, but happens every Sunday in churches all over the world. We want people to come hear the gospel, but we want them to come the way we want them to come. A fish has never cleaned itself. We have to create an atmosphere in which people will feel comfortable to receive the gospel and not feel like we are judging them for trying to get to know Jesus Christ.

    I love the way you write your posts!

  9. Yes. Excellent thoughts. Thank you for helping us look past the shallow exterior to the inner man.

  10. Hi, I am visiting you from Sarah's blog. I've enjoyed my visit here. I've especially enjoyed this post. I too am seeking to see through my Father's eyes. I write about my journey from religion into relationship... I'd love for you to visit anytime. I love meeting new people.

    It's nice to meet you,

  11. I stopped by because I like who you would give the flowers to if you win. I know the bus driver will wear hers proudly. And you thinking of the bus driver touched my heart. They so often get overlooked in the educational process.

    But then I kept reading. And this post. Wow. You blessed me. May God bless you.


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