...of non-fiction or science fiction?

15 minutes past the next hour, the Nuclear Med doctor appeared, wearing a nuclear suit. She instructed me to take my place at the “forbidden to cross” line. I had no idea what to expect and by this time, I didn’t even care anymore. Doc “Nuc Med” knelt down and raised her hands. She had one of those scanner thingies! I promise to you, I thought those things were fictitious! The crackling noise that they make in the movies, oh yeah, that’s real to y’all! But worst of all, she had that thing pointed at me, which meant that it was crackling in response to me!


Doc informed me of my level being at 80 which attested to the uptake of the I-131 had been successful. In order to be released from the hospital, that level needed to go down to 29.something, (I forgot, sorry). The scan would be repeated one more time in the evening before she went home. She asked how I was feeling and with a shrug of my shoulders I nodded. Granting me permission to speak, Doc asked if I was really okay and did I need anything from her before she left, but again, my response came forth non-verbally. On her way out, she suggested that I take my first shower and begin drinking water.

In the wait, I showered, watched television, ate & flushed lunch, drank water-hit the call button to ask for more water but the nurse told me to get it from the sink in my room, prayed, read a few passages and let my body rest. The sound of knuckles against glass disturbed my slumber. One of the nurses had come by to do her check. With her thumb positioned northbound and a questionable look on her face, I assumed that she was asking if I was okay so I nodded and reciprocated the gesture. Now awake, it seemed only right to surf some channels until my next scan.

"Laziness brings on deep sleep, and the shiftless man goes hungry.” Proverbs 19:15 NIV (It’ll make more sense tomorrow)


  1. Very Fantastic Four of you. Isolation chamber and watching to see what effects it will all have on you. :O)

  2. I know you were just itching to get out of there!

  3. The waiting is often the hardest!

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

  4. This just gets more amazing. Thank God for his grace.

  5. Girl! You are an amazing testimony to the Lord you know that!!

    bless you my friend!


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