...of released, but not free

Right in the middle of my breakfast, Doctor “Nuclear Med” enters my room with the scanner and says, “You ready?” I asked her was I ready for what and she replied, “For your scan?” In my mind I thought, of course I’d been ready, what else do I have to do? However, I said an uncertain yeah and reminded her that she told me she’d be back after lunch to which she replied that her excitement would not allow such a nonsensical thing!


She scanned and read aloud the number 27-point some other number! I was instructed to stand still as she left the room. Upon her return, she had my clothes! Cool, I get to leave, but it was so unconventional. I had been in the middle of breakfast when she came back way earlier than the “allotted” time and then she scans me and brings in my clothes! No instruction on that part, she just told me to stand still!


So she rolled out clean white examining-room-table-paper on top of the existing one and instructed me something like so:

First, remove your socks; drop them and take one step forward
Next, remove your pants, step out of them and take one step forward
Then, remove your panties, step out of them and take one step forward
Now, remove your shirt, drop it and take one step forward.

Uuuhhh, yes, I’m standing Garden of Eden, before the fall, bare, in front of this lady like arm length from the door! D-E-G-R-A-D-I-N-G! Another one of those things that they DID NOT prepare me for!

She handed me my clothing article-by-article, well, with the exception of PANTIES!!! I’d mistakenly taken all of the panties I packed out of the bag before they took it away!!! I asked her if I could just put the ones I’d just taken off back on since I showered about less than 2 and ½ hours ago. She denied my request due to the fact that I’d placed them on pre-level 27 scan. Therefore, they were still “toxic.” Laughing sarcastically, I completed dressing myself and followed her out. A nurse escorted me to a waiting room where I signed discharge papers and called a cab.

“Blessed in the man whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty.” Job 5:17 NIV


  1. I don't even know what to say to that. You pretty much summed it up yourself with the word Degrading!
    You have been through so much my friend. I'm sure it's made you stronger!
    Love your heart.

  2. Sounds like they couldn't get you out of there fast enough! Yeah, degrading is the word!

  3. The crazy train ride is comin to an end.... WOW! :O)

  4. Larie, this could have been also titled "Of 'going commando'" :)
    The end of the tunnel is in sight! What a journey.

  5. Very weird doctor. I hope all is well with your current health.

  6. God's grace was overflowing in you then! There is no other way that you could have made it through such an ordeal!


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