...of makin' moves

Okay, about the moving. Before I left for Hawaii, I had been informed that my lodging reservation ended on Monday, the 28th of November because they had prior reservations. However, ya know that people do cancel so they also told me not to worry and just to check back every now and then to see if such had happened and then I’d be able to extend my stay. It didn’t happen!

I phoned around looking for alternative lodging to carry me through Wednesday, my departure day. The places I tried were booked, too far and did not provide shuttle service to the hospital and I was not paying a cab since I’d already done that a few times from Hickam to Tripler and that ran me $22 EACH WAY or not authorized by the Air Force’s Aero Medical personnel, which meant that I would not be reimbursed for the hotel bill. So, I tried the guesthouse at Tripler, (yes, I know, they have a guest house for their patients and that is not where I was placed in the beginning!!!), they had an opening, however, for one night only, but, I’LL TAKE IT! I figured I could work out Tuesday night later.

Upon my arrival to the guesthouse, I should have vomited! The lobby exhibited the invention of disgust. However, my wanting to give the benefit of doubt that they probably place so much care on the actual rooms that something has to lack. I mean really, the people who stay here are outpatients of the hospital so they gotta take care of them, right?


I entered my room and became offended that I had been treated as a leper by being placed in isolation and having Homer Simpson & his co-worker come into my room all suited up and pointing a radioactive measuring tool at me and then have my food served to me through a transfer door AND THEN tell me to undress piece by piece leaving me naked-almost in the hallway AND THEN not allowing me to put my panties back on that were only worn for 2 hours at the most because they had the possibility of still being toxic but you want me to stay in this room that should be labeled as a national pandemic threat, (is that an oxymoron?), not to even be burned since the fumes would offer horribleness!!!


There were ROACHES, now I ain’t talking like I haven’t lived with a roach or two before; I have, but not ROACHES! Food occupied the mini-fridge so I questioned if the room had been cleaned. Why did I keep looking for “trouble?” I don’t know, really I don’t so leave me alone and stop asking! :) I also saw that the towels appeared dingy, now I know that they could have been clean and maybe no bleach had been used, but come on, really? There was also a sour smell in the room. I went to the front desk to inquire about the facilities domestic maintenance procedures and was told that the rooms were cleaned daily. Okay, I tried to be nice but “you” must think I’m stupid, so let me just put it out there, I thought. I replied, “The room you gave me has been overlooked.” He told me, “No it hadn’t!” Well, Larie had to really lay it out for him by saying that the room was infested with roaches to which he said that the exterminator had been there yesterday.

She also told him about the food in the fridge, which caused him to say that it’s the occupant’s responsibility to clean it out at time of checkout so maybe the last occupants had not done so.

The towels, yes, Larie mentioned the towels along with the sour smell. She heard him say that the towels were clean, just old and worn out and the smell is from the stuff the exterminator used the day before!

“Do you want the room or not ma’am?” (No he didn’t! Yeah, he did!) But weary Larie felt as if she had no other option and all she had to do was hang on for two more days so she requested to look at another room, which happened to be available because the reserving party had not checked in yet. The “new” room proved to be 1/4 above the last. There was no food in the fridge and I think she may have counted one less roach.

Whew, now that I’m done with that part I can stop writing as if I am telling this story about someone else for the sake of “embarrassment!” LOL

I stayed for the night and on Tuesday, after I left the hospital, I headed to Sister “Swap Meet’s” home for the night. In the morning another Sister took me to the airport. She had to hug me a bit tighter and give a quick pep talk about getting on that plane. I told her that I didn’t want to do it but she told me that I had to because it was the only way I was going to be able to see my family again.

Y’all ready for my next airplane saga? Well, you have to wait until after tomorrow’s post! Tee-hee

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs 15:1 NIV


  1. Anything involving an airplane has all kinds of trouble written all over it. Thank God for those little puke bags! :O)

  2. hi! found you at Taras! what a horrible story!Sending you hugs!

  3. you have a beautiful blog and I likes reading your profile! so true! please stop by

  4. Oh my goodness! We had a hotel room like this at the beach one time (I wondered why it was so cheap during July 4th week). We demanded a refund and left without a place to stay. We drove through the entire Myrtle Beach and finally found one room available. I realize you couldn't exactly do that.

    Girl, you sure had a time. I am waiting for that airplane story. Makes me a bit nervous!

  5. Larie - I don't do roaches that well so I would have been seriously trippin! :-) Girl I know that you are SO glad that part of your life is over! I've been to some dirty military lodging before, but the roaches takes the cake! (unintended joke) LOL

  6. Gross! I could have done without this post. LOL!


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