...of Goldsboro's Got Talent Y'all!

So I’m walking up the refrigerated aisle of Wal-Mart, in pursuit of milk, and minding my own business, when some random guy yells, “LARIE! YOU’RE LARIE WRITES!” I stepped back a little as he came into my personal space and braced myself for a quick sprint. Still yelling, he says, “YOU WROTE THAT BOOK CALLED ‘MY HEART SPEAKS...’ RIGHT?” Unsure of what would happen next, I hesitantly said, “Uhhhh yea, sure?” He told me that we’d met before and I was thinking, “Yeah right, that’s what ‘they’ all say baby boy!” Then he told me his name, Milton, and I falsely said aloud, “Oh yeah, Milton, yea that’s right; all the while asking myself, “Who is Milton? I don’t know you bruh!” But, I played along ‘cause I’m considerate like that.

Milton exhaled and extended his clammy hand towards me. Carefully, I accepted and was taken aback by his strong grip that pulled me into his suffocating embrace. Once he decided to let me go, he asked me for my autograph. I said sure but quickly thought, “Why did I say yes?” because he yanked his white t-shirt up with his left hand, and pounded his chest with his right hand and requested that I sign his “heart” so that he may be encouraged to let it speak as well! Shaking my head, I started to say, “Dude, really?”

Okay, all right, if I was in court and had been sworn in, this is the story that I’d tell without the use of my special imagination:

I was in fact, in Wal-Mart, headed towards the milk. A familiar face was coming my way and in my mind, I screeched, “THAT’S MILTON MCCLAIN! THE DUDE WHO SANG AT END ZONE! OH MY, WHAT IS HE DOIN’ IN GOLDSBORO?” However, not wanting to frighten the young man with my excitement, I silently counted, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, and calmly said, “Milton? How ya doing? We met in Raleigh.” As I extended my hand to him, he confirmed our past meeting and firmly shook my hand. I tried not to bombard him with too many questions because I didn’t want to be the “Crazy-groupie-Wal-Mart chick” that had Milton McClain hemmed up in the refrigerated aisle!

Therefore, I inquired about his amazing singing career and rejoiced at some great news he shared, (You’ll have to keep up with his fan page to find out…that’s IF he decides to share it, tee-hee). He handed me a SIGNED copy of his CD and I almost “lost” it! I asked, “Is this for me?” and he said it was! WOW, Milton knew that he’d see me again so he was carrying that CD around all this time…just-for-me! Oh, wait, I’m sorry, I forgot that I was “under oath” right now! LOL

But really, Milton McClain and I were both invited guests of Thursday Night Live, hosted by Author Noiz, back in July. Milton performed some of his songs and I was signing books. I am very impressed with Milton’s work and see him excelling abundantly. Click here to hear for yourselves!



  1. Larie, this is hilarious! YOu really had me going with that first story! LOL
    Very cool that you met Milton again. Sounds like you handled yourself well. :-)

  2. Did you just use bruh in a grammatical correct way? I believe you did. LOL...this story was off the chain. Now if that was a high school dude trying to kick it with you, I would say signing on his heart was lame, but the way he did it here was actually sweet. I'm still visioning you in court. OH MY! LOL

  3. Cool story! It is great to read about the success of your book. And cool fb photo. wb

  4. And thanks for the nice comment you left last week.

  5. This was fun, Larie. You had me going with the first version of the story. *grin*

    Much love,


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