... of Am I There Now?

The fun just doesn't stop when this family is involved!

So, you all remember the original "Am I There Yet?" post right? Well this evening, my biological dad treated the kids and I to dinner. My babygirl was putting down spaghetti, pizza, and lemonade. I thought nothing of it since kids sometimes eat lots of lots and other times they act as if they are fasting for some new toy that they've been praying for! :) Besides, children REALLY like to eat out.

My "Super-Mommy" senses were not working tonight because "Janelle" became irritable. She whined, fidgeted, and wanted to sit on my lap. She sat, I ate. Right in mid-sentence of a conversation with my dad, "Janelle" adds to the conversation with a big, "BLUUUAAAAHHH!"

Yeah, that's right, spaghetti, pizza, and lemonade all over the both of us, (more on me than her of course!). It smelled horrible, but I did well by not reacting grossed out like I kinda wanted to. I sat there calmly while our server asked what she could do to help. I asked for rags and a bag. My dad went to the car to get the diaper bag and something for me to wear, however, he didn't find anything so I changed "Janelle" and took her back to the table and went to my car. I searched the trunk and found a pair of Anton's boxers. Don't ask...they were clean...enough said!

Back in the bathroom I removed both my shirts and my sports bra, (I know, this time it wouldn't work, LOL), and put my jacket on. I then removed my jeans and socks and put the boxers on. Shaking my head at my reflection, I went back to the table, said goodnight to my dad and told my kids, "Let's go! Now!" Of course my dad thought it was hilarious and my older two joined in the laughter with him. "Janelle" had the nerve to say, (while giggling), "I say BLUUUAAAHHH! (giggle) I do it again!" and I quickly said, Oh no you don't do it again!"

I tell ya, me, my kids, and clothes...what's it all about?

By the way, does anyone have a tip on cleaning suede shoes...or should I just count them as a loss and toss 'em?



  1. What a cute pic! Poor both of you! I'm glad you had something to change into. *shudder*

    No advice for the shoes, unfortunately.

  2. Larie, I miss these funny family posts! I'm sure it wasn't funny to you at the time, but these stories are the ones that make the best gifts of laughter. Thank you! LOL!

  3. You look like a real sport. haha

  4. You're adorable!

    This story reminded me of when my daughter threw up all over the back seat of the car. I found myself on the side of the highway trying to clean up a child and car seat with a hand-full of diaper wipes, while cars were speeding past. Until I read your story, I thought I had it bad. Thanks for making my circumstance seem 'better than it was'. *wink*

  5. What a cute picture! Stopping by to say a very much-needed hello:) {I'm so very behind in everything in my life} Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday and bless that child and you! Lord have mercy, I would have been squealing...big time!


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