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Never meant for words…never meant to fall upon ears…and most certainly never meant to be read by many…until now. These stories come from and overflowing heart. “My Heart Speaks…” is an introduction to a series of unforgettable stories, poems, scriptures, and quotes that will touch your soul. Larie breaks the silence of her heart to share magnificent stories of faith, feelings of abandonment, deception and love. She helps the reader come to the realizations that it’s OK to be imperfect as a Christian, mother, and wife. She shares how every day life is truly a lesson and how to do your part as a student and learn from life’s experiences. These remarkable stories that were milestones in her life will be challenges for others. Share her memories, trials and setbacks as Larie strives to find her inner peace and be the person she never thought possible. Redefine or conclude what true sanity really is to you by accepting the raw honesty of this book. Larie’s stories exemplify strength in more ways than one. This book is the beginning story of a journey about an inner voice that was silenced through the years, but through transformation now speaks.

Just when you feel defeated and as if no one can relate…Her heart speaks. If you’re feeling the need for assurance and encouragement on life’s challenges…Her heart speaks. Ready to judge another based on outside perception? Larie’s story is meant to allow you as the reader to transform with her as you relate, sympathize and become empowered by the words from “My Heart Speaks…”

Nicole Christina



  1. Love it! Hope all is well with you. :O)

  2. Sure is quiet over here!
    I'm Coming theme song for 2012

  3. Hey Larie! I just wanted to come by to say hi and see how you were doing. Congratulations on your book. I wish you much success!

    Much love to you!

  4. Larie, thank you for the visit to my blog and your encouraging comment to me. Blessings.


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