...The First Day of School

On Tuesday evening my children and I attended Open House for the 2011/2012 school year. We met their teachers,I filled out paperwork, and left with 2 supply lists.

On Wednesday back packs were filled with some of the items from the lists that we already had on hand. I decided that part of my first day of school celebration would be to go shopping for the remainder of the school supplies.

On Thursday, today, I visited 2 stores to find the remaining items. By the time I arrived back home about mid-afternoon, I-still-had-not-gotten-all-the-required-items! For example, red pens, SINCE WHEN DID 3rd GRADERS NEED RED PENS??? And obviously every 3rd grader in Wayne County needed red pens because I did not find any at either location! Another request happened to be Skittles...FOR REAL? "Cameron's" teacher had to specifically ask for Skittles? DIDN'T-FIND-THOSE-EITHER so I purchased Life Savers and thought, "Well at least I'm sending something!"

On today, still Thursday, "Evelyn" comes home with another list! WHY-IN-THE-WORLD-WOULD-THIS-LIST-NOT-HAVE-BEEN-AVAILABLE-ON-TUESDAY-EVENING! So, amidst preparing dinner and playing on social networks, I decided that the Cornish hens could continue to bake in the oven on a very low temperature because there would have been no way that I could have completed dinner, eat, go to store with the new list, and get back home in time for the kids to shower and get in bed on time. So, we manically ran the aisles at Target and bum rushed Zaxby's drive-thru. Now the sounds of deep breathing lets me know that my children are peacefully asleep, which means that now I should be marking the new items with "Evelyn's" name, taking the Cornish hen out the oven to be reheated for tomorrow, putting the green beans in a suitable container, tightly wrapping the bread so that it will not get hard, and maybe, just MAYBE fold the laundry. Instead, I choose to listen to blog talk radio, compose this post, and lurk around the social networks!

On Friday, tomorrow, I will finish my back-to-school celebration by visiting the spa like I'd planned for today, Thursday!



  1. You're a good Mama to spend the day with those lists. Hmph...thank God mine are in middle and high. Middle schoolers have a list but I never even pick them up because they come home with another list just as you said. Girl, I got this public school run around thing down!


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!