...Making Real Lasting Connections

There is so much to tell that I have to start back at last weekend, (19-21 August)!

Friday, the 19th, I attended the Jazz on the Riverfront Business Network in Norfolk, Virginia, hosted by Glen Francis. Mr. Francis invited business owners to be encouraged, connected, and exposed to one another. There were Coffee Distributors, Realtors, Social Network Specialists, Authors, Tailors, Naturalists Landscapers, and there was even a Comedian in attendance! We enjoyed presentations and giveaways as well. A lot of connections were made and I will certainly attend future events!

Saturday, the 20th, I attended the “Molding Mommies” workshop hosted by the founder, Teyonna Aiken. She, along with Nicole Cleveland & Veronica Thomas orally presented motivation through the sharing of their personal stories. These ladies have teamed up to bring awareness to various issues concerning women and girls while actively making positive changes in the Hampton Roads area. Please visit their websites to be uplifted by the great work these ladies are doing.

Nicole Cleveland, Published Author, Blogtalk Radio Host, & Founder of Breathe Again E-Zine

Teyonna Aiken, Founder of Molding Minds

Later in the evening, I met with Sharmetra Pittman, a fellow Light Caster and founder of G.O.A.L. Model. The excitement of being in Sharmetra’s presence had a lot to do with the last meeting I had with Itiel, who is also a fellow Light Caster because we are not just making connections online; we’re meeting face-to-face and seeing just how bright our lights are shining eye-to-eye, but it also gave me an opportunity to hear the wonderful goals & achievements that Sharmetra has set for herself. Her enthusiasm, in my opinion, is what will bring her much success.

Sharmetra Pittman, Founder of G.O.A.L. Model & Life Coach

I sold a few books over the weekend as well. One of my sisters attended all the events with me and she really enjoyed meeting new people and learning about the various businesses and community services in the area. We finished the weekend off with a “Girl’s Day” with our mom and aunt at the movies on Sunday afternoon.

Whew, now that that’s done, I have to tell you all about last week in another post!



  1. Awww, thank you for your sweet comment, my friend!

    Looks like you had a lovely time. Isn't it awesome to be able to meet online friends in person? I met two of them this summer. Unfortunately most of my readers don't get out to the west coast much, lol!

  2. Wow, you go girl. Always a delight to visit your site. Blessings.


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