...of I Felt Good

I had a G-R-E-A-T weekend! Why is this a "big" deal? Well, for one, my family and I spent a lot of time together without list of to do and have to be here or there at a particular time. I went to bed as late as I wanted and slept as late as I wanted to as well. The sleep thing is almost as awesome as the rest that I have to write about because I have a nocturnal circadian rhythm, therefore, I appreciate staying up into the early morning and sleeping until mid-afternoon. I feel more energetic, productive, and happy during this time, but of course with having kids I rarely get to operate this way.

The other reason for my G-R-E-A-T...I was blessed to host the weekly Friday evening Bible Study at my home! I love to entertain! Hosting this uplifting event also gave me the opportunity to prepare appetizing foods, (cooking, another love of mine), for a group of people that I love very much. This also allowed me to photograph more foods for my catering business. My guests were offered:
Creamy Deli Roll Ups

Minty Fruit Medley

Bread Pudding w/Orange Sauce & Whipped Cream

A fresh garden salad, queso dip, & mint flavored iced tea also graced the table. Our night was both spiritually & physically nourished well! On Saturday, I continued basking in my joy of cooking by preparing Blueberry & Strawberry Muffins! They tasted great with a little of the leftover orange sauce!

If you ever want to drop by, let me know, I'd love to welcome you!



  1. I'm wishing I ate breakfast before coming over to your blog this morning! I'm so hungry now! :o) Everything looks great!! I'm sure your guests loved it all.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog! I know how I used to feel, I never wanted to tell anyone when I felt depressed b/c I thought I wasn't being a "good" Christian. Praise the Lord I had someone to assure me that wasn't the case. :o)

    And thank you for helping others to understand!!

  2. Those pictures are very tempting Larie. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.


Y'all's comments are overwhelmingly encouraging. I appreciate them very much. They motivate me to continue being myself. Smooches!