...of Knockouts

While you’re still contemplating your next move;
I’m shouting “CHECKMATE!”

Surprised/though you tried not to show it, you begin a new game/ when instead, you ought to change your mind frame.

You act like the truth is TABOO™;
making sure to use the cards you’ve made which remind you of what not to say;
boy boo! you’re absent-minded of the clues!

Now you think that MONOPOLY™ is your forte;
purchasing, then marking me as your “territory” is not an option,
i was bought with pure blood AND marked by God!

You’re no good at CONNECT FOUR™ either;
thinking you’ve blocked my way,
when in fact, you blocked your way to being a man!

Maybe you should try Connect the Dots™/they’ll lead you away from the boyish games/& mentality so that you’ll cognize what it means when I say, UNO™!


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  1. this is cute and powerful all at the same time! :) it's been too long, my friend.


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