...of She May Be Following in My Footsteps

Saturday, I had the awesome opportunity of attending the "Books in the Park" hosted by Barnes & Noble in Norfolk, Va. This annual event showcases local authors to the community. Some authors such as, Trayc Simmons, "Gisele's Gallery" & "Gisele's Chance," Gene Thornton, "WRETCHED, PITIFUL, POOR, BLIND, & NAKED," Veronica Wiggins, "Who Said Common Sense Was Common?" and David Toma Pitt, "Big Girl Don't Play," who I've had the pleasure of working with at previous signings, were also in attendance. Kids were able to get their faces painted, dance with Mario from the Mario Brothers, and scavage through a Pirate's treasure chest for adventerous coloring pages!

"Evelyn" earned the privelage of browsing around on her own for some time. As a result she came over to the table I sat at and excitedly claimed to have something to show me! After leading me to the table that had been strategically set up with balloons, luring colors, and best of all, C-A-N-D-Y, "Evelyn" pointed to a book titled, "If You Love Me So Much..." written by Danielle Leibovici & illustrated by Julia Gabrielov and said, "Mommy, I really like this book!" I knew that meant, Can-I-have-it-please? Of course I said yes!

As I paid, "Evelyn" pointed Julia out, telling me that she's the illustrator and that Danielle, the author, could not make it to the signing. Impressed, I asked, "Wow, you've done your research haven't you?" Proud of herself, "Evelyn" did that little shy girl smile while she rocked a little and said, "Yes." The others at the table informed me that she had indeed fully researched the inside details of the book after reading it in it's entirety! She asked questions such as, "Who is the author? Is this the first book? Who illustrated? How long has it been out?"

I have no idea where this 8th-yeared-old literary genius gets it from! ;)


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  1. Greetings... I saw you over at Joanne's blog and thought I'd pop in. I love this! Your precious little one is so bright but of course!!! :) I love it when children are interested in reading and also in learning and asking questions. Awesome!

    I see you noted Norfolk, VA. I used to live in both Virginia Beach and Chesapeake. Went to church in Norfolk and new loads of people out there for the 10 years we lived there.

    Blessings to you and your family!


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