...of Awareness Bracelet

Instead of another giveaway, I want to do an honor-away, (using my poetic license). I just finished listening to a Blog Talk show about Medical Myths. A fellow listener shared a personal story about how her sister being denied treatment for Breast Cancer because she had no insurance! Here's the "gist" of the story below. Keep in mind that this conversation took place in the online chat area for the live broadcast so it's a bit choppy:

Sister of Breast Cancer Victim: "My sister died from breast cancer because she had no insurance Doctors refused to treat her"

Me: "how long ago was this"

Sister of Breast Cancer Victim: "More than 10 years it was before they started fighting for them to stop letting women go untreated they essentially put her on a plane home I will never forget how she has a hole in her chest the size of a football because they would not treat"

Me: "Man, I did not realize how serious it got"

Sister of Breast Cancer Victim: "It has made me huge advocate for health insurance and getting treatment for those I know going through. It has made me do a lot of research on everything from homeopathic to relaxation therapy. The body has no place for stress that is why it turns into diseases. It is important to be stress free..."

Me: "So are you an advocate for Breast Cancer Awareness as well?"

Sister of Breast Cancer Victim: "Most def..."

My feelings were really touched by this story and her testimony about her own conquering scuffle with Cancer. This woman has been both directly & indirectly affected by Cancer and I want her to know that I appreciate her for sharing in the chat room and allowing me to share here. So, to show my appreciation I would like Celeste to have the Breast Cancer Awareness bracelet from Bohemien Spirit, an online Jewelry and Accessories Boutique.

A portion of the proceeds from each bracelet goes to the Renewing Your Spirit Foundation.

Now, of course you know that I have a couple of pieces myself, the Silver Trinity Earrings, & the Simplify Tag Line Bracelet. The earrings are light-weight, a plus for me since my ears are kinda long & pointy, they don't tug at my earlobes and causing them to look even longer, LOL! As for the bracelet, the beads are very smooth against my skin and the tag "stays in its' place!" Bohemian Spirit will definitely be getting more of my business!



  1. What a touching conversation and how very kind of you to give Celeste the Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet! She deserves it! Thanks for sharing and thanks for supporting Bohemian Spirit Jewelry and The Renewing Your Spirit Foundation.

  2. What a sad experience! Did her sister end up beating the cancer? I hope so...

  3. My heart was touched by this. I said a prayer...

    Beautiful bracelet but even more your heart is beautiful for being a blessing.


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