...of "S.H.E. Spits"

Tickled with a little bit of “Phenomenal Woman” by Dr. Maya Angelou then embraced with some of Nztozake Shange’s, “For Colored Girls,” comes an outstandingly written & directed poetry/monologue piece from J’Zhanel “JZ” Cole titled, “S.H.E. Spits.” Co-produced with Anneka LaRobin, this performance poetry presentation, (I dare you to say that 7 times fast! Lol), is comprised of an all-female cast, all representing a different color. Each Queen is musically escorted onto the stage, which heightens the audience’s anticipation.

Mother Nature, played by Courtney Nicole, poses rhetorical questions & statements before each Queen spits her account as what’s to come.

Pacey Liz Walker portrays Queen Purple; royalty. She presents herself in just that way when she reminds males of her name, “Queen S.H.E.” not ma or shawty. She says, “I am more than just what you see.”

Queen Pink; feisty like, BAM!-This-Is-Me, is J’Zhanel “JZ Cole’s soul-bearing personality. She educates us on what poetry does for her and many others. Skillfully Queen Pink compares her spoken words & the microphone to a Graffiti Artist with a can of paint while encouraging her receivers, “…staying true to what whatever it is you do…” You have to love this Queen for practicing what “S.H.E. Spits.”

Vulnerability comes to mind when I think of Queen Yellow. LaToya Morgan breathed this illuminating Queen with a plea to her M.I.A. father about the occasions he missed out on and the near catastrophic events that took place in her life as a result of his absence. Queen Yellow wonders if he’s concerned about, “…who I was. Who I am. Who I become.”

Green often represents envy; however, Anneka LaRobin sheds a new perspective on this color as Queen Green. She gives her own insight of being from L.A. & expresses her admiration for her hometown in spite of the negative stereotypical comments we hear.
Queen Purple comes back and royally blesses our Kings with an inspirational mouthful that does nothing but edify our brothers, our Kings.

Then, we are taken aback yet compassionate because of Queen Red’s, embodied by Valaira Sa-Ra Smith, brazen admissions about the men in her life. This Queen pricks the feminine spectators by pointing out, “…keep it real, for the right price, you’d be a hoe…” and with that, one will either hug her or slap her. Personally, I felt like doing both! tee-hee

“S.H.E. Spits,” again, written & directed by J’Zhanel “JZ” Cole and co-produced with Anneka LaRobin, is an emotion-stirring, self-reflective enactment that I anticipate & will be experiencing again. I identified with every Queen; address me respectfully-Queen Purple; poetry is a life sustenance for me-Queen Pink; why did my biological father sign over his parental rights-Queen Yellow; I may be from “the other side of the tracks,” but it’s my home-Queen Pink, and finally, I’ve been the other woman and I’ve dealt with the other woman-Queen Red.

Now, as a reminder for you to keep up with this production and making it a bucket list candidate to attend, I am giving away one autographed cast sheet, (see photo below), to a randomly selected commenter. You have until Monday, 31 October 2011, 5P.M. eastern time to enter!


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