...of Today Started Like This...

…Anton wakes “Evelyn” up to prepare for school; she’s already dressed, but still in bed.

First thought that came to my head, “She must’ve gotten up sometime during the night to put her clothes on so she could be able to sleep in this morning.” Anton, daddy-shrugging his shoulders, attempts to lift her from the bed but I mischievously said, “NO, WAIT!” and shuffled out of the room to retrieve the camera, for surely I knew it would make another great post in our “Anton’s Kids” file. Now what right did I have to believe that “Evelyn’s” creative time management exercise was going to be the, “ONE?”

“Evelyn” enjoyed an overnight retreat at her friends’ grandmother’s home. Her friend moved early last month and since then, the two have kept in touch with telephone conversations full of 8-year-olds’ giggly-giggles. It really was cute to see them lay their eyes on one another after, (in their thinking), such a LOOOOOOOOG time. I knew they’d have a great time. Later in the evening “Evelyn” called and asked, “Mommy, can ‘Katie’ take my hair down to play with it?” Granted permission she thanked me and said, “I love you” and hung up.

Sunday afternoon, shortly after worship service, we went to get “Evelyn.” She was sad of course to have to leave as that had been made apparent by her slow steps towards the car, head hung just low enough to be able to occasionally glance up to see if anyone sees her pity, and a lip poked so far out that I thought she’d trip over it! Her bun-type hairdo looked pretty tight; I was impressed! Anton asked her if she enjoyed herself and she unenthusiastically said she did. Other than that “Evelyn” mentally remained at her pity party and took the ride home in silence.

Once inside our “boring” house, with our “boring” televisions, “boring” radio, “boring” Wii, “boring” overflowing cupboards -which by the way NEVER has any good snacks,- and all the other “boring” luxuries that we are not afforded, our daughter begins to complain a little about having to resume her punishment… (Oh yeah, that little sleepover thing almost didn’t happen because of “Evelyn” using her words to construct a non-truth. Anton decided that she wouldn’t spend the night, but me, (feeling all sorry for the girl), with my head hung just low enough to be able to occasionally glance up to see if Anton was paying any attention to me & my pity, and lip so pouty, (this sounds familiar tee-hee), that I could have kissed him from the backseat, said, “Awww, baby, she ain’t seen her in so long. You know they moved while you were gone right? Can she get a reset punishment like “Cameron” did the other night?” With a forced straight face, Anton said that this situation is not one for reset punishment since no one came to OUR house. Quickly I retorted, “But she did come from Raleigh looking forward to see “Evelyn.” I just knew I’d “won” then because the softened facial muscles had formed a smile and Anton asked, “So you want her to spend the night wit’ her lil friend?” I said that I did but also wanted her to learn her lesson about lying and not think she can get over on us but again, I didn’t want to under mind him. We decided to let her go and resume her punishment when she returned), and needed a reminder.

Back to this morning, I first assumed that “Evelyn’s” hair was so matted from being played with and knowing her, she slept with it out as well, so I combed through a little more and mentioned to “Evelyn” that she needed to wash her hair this evening. She acknowledged with a simple, but quick, “Yes ma’am.” She requested that I put it back the way “Katie” had done it and I told her that I didn’t know how to do buns but I could put it in one ponytail and make it look like a bun. She agreed.

A bit more combing through and her hair just wasn’t budging. Out of somewhere, I asked, “Evelyn, did you cut your hair?” Seemingly offended she said, “No!” I have no clue why I let it go and continued to think that this was the worst case of matted hair ever, but I did. When I brushed the hair in an upward position, I noticed that it wasn’t coming together as it usually does and simply said to myself that it would just have to be a loose ponytail for today; she’ll wash & condition it this evening. Then again, out of somewhere I asked, “Wait, did ‘Katie’ cut your hair?” Almost inaudibly she said, “Yes.”

I BURNED! “You lied to me kind-of! I asked you if you’d cut your hair and you didn’t but you knew it had been cut and you just didn’t say anything? You knew what I was saying, I KNOW YOU DID! Finish getting the rest of your stuff for school.” Like I said, this is an, “If I were an alcoholic, I would have been taking a drink then, moment.”

I’m waiting for Anton to get home before I dig any further into this story with our daughter since he usually keeps me from “hitting the bottle…” LOL



  1. Oh boy! I feel you, mama! That "sort of lying" thing gets me too. I can only imagine how scared she was when you asked the question, too. Well, thankfully, you have a supportive hubby with whom you'll create a way to make this a life lesson for your daughter. Just think, one day this'll be nothing more than another funny story that you and she share over dinner when she's all grown up with children of her own, who will no doubt give her the same sorts of "adventures". Stay up, Mama (lol!).

  2. Woooow! Not condoning the 'using her words to construct a non-truth', but I like that Evelyn..... These witty children are a trip, trying to get semantical. *Sucking Teeth* Well, mommy, here's to staying off the bottle. LOL.

  3. Thank you for sharing dear one. Blessings to you and your lovely family.


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