...of Ain't No Such Thing as a Beautiful Nightmare...or Is It?

What do you do when nightmares repeat themselves? What do you do when nightmares evoke feelings in the nightmare as well as when you’re awake? I dream a lot and I can usually remember something about them. I may not be able to recall all the details, but I don’t totally forget. However, when I have nightmares, it seems that my mind holds on to every inch of it; especially if I dream it twice. What I don’t pay attention to are the emotions that inflict me in the dream as well as when I’m “awake.” They say that the brain is most active when we are asleep; could it be possible that’s why we sometimes feel our dreams? I mean, maybe it’s possible that because most of us do not know how to utilize all of our mind’s capability, sleep is the only time we are truly aware.

Yes, I had another nightmare last night. It was a different scene but the theme was very familiar; actually it was the same. Just like always, my alarm clock sounded right when things seem to start coming together. Angrily I slam the snooze button, hoping to get back into the scenario so that I can get to the bottom of it. Wait, that’s it, maybe it’s the surface I need to be at. Anyway, my mind doesn’t take me back to that place before the alarm starts nudging me to wake up again so I hit the snooze button again and sometimes I turn the alarm off altogether and risk oversleeping just to be able to get back to the nightmare so I can figure it out; it hasn’t worked yet. I’ve decided that this just means, “You’re very close,” so the rest is up to the conscious me to ignore what I can see and allow me, who I really am, to be present and then I’ll know.


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  1. nice post! thanks for sharing...blessings soraya


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