Inspired; thank you.

I read a tweet from Milton, R&B singer, where he quoted Lauryn Hill, “Tomorrow our seeds will grow all we need is dedication,” and I thought of an earlier tweet from him; “In sickness and in death, my mother inspired me not to give up my dreams,” which then led me to evaluate my attitude about my writing & culinary artistry passion. Lately it’s been pretty unpredictable; one moment I’m gung-ho about it then in another I’m “over it” and it just leaves me confused. However, I’ve been inspired my Milton’s tweets and a special message from my favorite bath & body retailer, Itiel of Smell Goods 98™.
Itiel simply texted me one day and said that she’s looking forward to my next book but she’s really missing reading my blog. That just tickled me happy and made me squeal. Thanks Queen.
Milton’s tweets warmed me because he has such strong faith in himself and it’s manifesting to the world. He was recently picked as a finalist for the Eastern North Carolina Singing Sensation, hosted by WKIS 101.9 FM, and he’ll be performing at the Kurtis Blow Extravaganza in Titusville, FL July 27th-28th! He’s been dedicated with the singing seeds he planted and tomorrow is today for him. Congratulations Milton.


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  1. I am so glad that I followed my spirit/heart and sent that text. I love your writing, your no-holding-back expressiveness. I find great joy in seeing people, especially women moving forward in their dreams/visions/ideas. When I first met you.... You know... <3 <3 <3 I could go on....

    Congratulations, Milton! That is one of my favorite lines from Lauryn Hill, too.


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