I Paid $20.17 for $70.43 worth of Groceries!

Did you know that coupons have a life cycle & are a big business? I didn’t either until Rhonda Nails, a.k.a. The Success Instigator, of Project P.U.S.H. shared her savvy- saving tips by facilitating a Coupon Workshop on September 16th, 2012 in Durham, North Carolina. She calls couponing a game and taught us how to acquire coupons, save by shopping online, use the coupon formula, and a host of other great money saving tips. We even learned how expired coupons can be used as a means of giving back.

This particular workshop included a “field trip” to Harris Teeter so that we could utilize what we learned. Therefore, we strategically clipped coupons and thus were ready for super grocery savings like we’d never experienced before. I must admit, I was intimidated and I had doubts like, the time it takes to find coupons, clip them and then find out when’s the best time to use them wouldn’t be worth it, but because The Success Instigator was in charge…couponing success rang true! We shopped during the store’s “Super Doubles” special, (you’re going to have to attend one of Rhonda’s workshops and/or purchase her upcoming e-book to find out why that’s important-smile), plus there were BOGO Free offers…and yes, you can use your coupons for those as well! I saved a total of $50.26!

Rhonda Nails presented her workshop advantageously and wisely. She is well-versed and I strongly recommend that you fill up on the knowledge she’s offering and save big when you shop. I am so glad that I attended and now have the “couponing power,” thanks Rhonda!


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  1. Awesome. I tried couponing but just keep forgetting what coupons I have until I get home and realize that I had a coupon and coulda, shoulda gotten that. I'm still a beginner, but hopefully I will be able to spend 20 dollars on 70 dollars worth of food. By the way, did you buy me something?


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